21 October 2021

Profile head shot of Gary Finch - FigFlex Hull Centre Manager

FigFlex Hull is currently the newest member of the FigFlex family, launching in September 2021 with 14 stunning serviced offices and three air-conditioned, glass-fronted meeting rooms, all newly built.

The lucky soul tasked with managing this superb centre is Gary Finch - Hull born and bred. We grabbed a cuppa with him recently in a bid to learn a bit more about this humble Hullensian...

  • What do you get up to at FigFlex Hull?

I ensure everything runs smoothly, from looking after our members to the day-to-day running of the centre. I also oversee the Cherry Tree Court building where FigFlex Hull is based.

  • How did you come to join FigFlex?

I started in August of this year and came from another serviced office provider, so I had the skills and experience to transition smoothly to FigFlex. I had been keeping track of the Cherry Tree Court development, and when FigFlex was opening here, I jumped at the chance to be part of a new upcoming brand.

  • What do you like best about being a FigFlex Centre Manager? 

I enjoy having control of the full business centre, and being part of an expanding serviced office brand is very exciting.

  • What are your favourite things about FigFlex Hull?

Our location is so easy to access, with all the local amenities so closeby; it’s an amazing site right in the centre of Hull. I love the design of the offices too - they’re perfectly sized, and even though I don’t drink it, the free Nespresso coffee is a real hit too.

  • In your own words, tell us why businesses should come onboard with FigFlex Hull? 

A few more personal questions now if you don't mind:

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Get a trade under your belt. My late Dad always told me this, so when I left school and served my apprenticeship in the motor trade. Working with so many different people, it gave me a real start in my career and I still use my learnings from those days.

  • If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Anything from the sea. I don’t eat meat, I’m sort of a Pescatarian. I love prawns, so my own king prawn linguine recipe – I could eat it forever and never get fed up.

  • What is the number one thing on your bucket list? 

I always wanted to visit New York, ever since I was a kid. My wife and I had a trip lined up and we were ready to go when the pandemic happened - we’ll rebook it once everything settles down.

Central Park is a must. I want to see the MetLife Stadium where the New York Giants play, as well as Forest Hills Stadium, and Flushing Meadows for the tennis. I’m not too bothered about the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty; I’d rather get downtown and try some of the old Italian pizzerias.

  • What is your favourite sport? 

I always played lots of football, but these days, it’s golf. I love any sport though and I’ll watch anything (much to my wife’s annoyance).

  • How about movies? 

I could watch the Shawshank Redemption every day and not get bored. I do like a bit of The Matrix and I’m a big Star Wars fan too. 

  • And what do you like to listen to? 

I’m an 80’s kid and my musical hero was George Michael, so anything George is good for me. But I also listen to a wide range of styles from TuPac to Elvis to Post Malone to Coldplay.

  • How do you like to unwind after a day in the office? 

I love cooking. When I get home, it’s nice to whip up a fresh meal for my wife and two boys, and chat about our days and what the boys did at school. After that, I’ll unwind with a bit of TV - I’m big into Gogglebox, First Dates, and 24 Hours in Police Custody.

  • It's lunch time at FigFlex Hull, where is a good spot to grab something to eat?

Thieving Harry’s on Humber Street serves amazing food right next to Hull Marina [pictured below].

Holy Brunch is awesome too if you skip breakfast like me. Wok & Go in St. Stephens does a mean sweet chilli prawn noodle box too. 

Hull Waterside & Marina at dusk with a row of boats in the foreground and sunset in the background
  • How about afterwork drinks? 

You’re spoilt for choice. On Princes Avenue - or “Prinny Av” to the locals - you have PAVE, Garbutts and Lounge. 

Just around the corner on Silver Street, there’s Silvers Bar, which is ideal for a Friday treat to ease in the weekend. It used to be a bank and there are little clues to the building’s past with some amazing banking facades and private banking booths being retained and repurposed for small groups. There’s an awesome glistening chandelier suspended right above a huge central bar when you walk in; it helps that they do nice food too.

  • Tell us about your worst purchase ever

I always wanted a BMW and one day, I saw this classic black 316i with chrome trims. It looked amazing, it just took my eye and I thought ‘I’m having it’. But I was on my way to Grimsby - and I was thrashing it a bit too hard to be honest - and the head gasket blew. I got it repaired but then it blew again soon after.

I only had it for about six months and it cost me about twice as much in repairs as it was to buy. I drive a Qashqai these days - much more sensible. 

  • You’re happiest when? 

...having a great summer holiday - relaxing in the sun with my wife getting a tan, playing in the pool with the boys, eating in nice restaurants (or playing golf, but don’t tell my wife I said that).

  • When you were growing up, you wanted to be… 

Easy, a pro football player. I grew up watching Hull City so it would’ve been a dream to play at Boothferry Park.

  • If money was no object, how would you spend the cash? 

A few strategically placed houses around the globe, and enjoy travelling and seeing the wonders of the world first-hand.

We’re going to wind things up with some either/or questions: 

  • Dog or cat? 

I’m definitely a dog person. Cats, I don’t really trust them, but I love any dog. We’ve just recently got a six-year-old pug called Alby. Random name I know, my son just liked it. 

  • Pizza or curry? 

Pizza - Seafood is my go-to. Get some calamari on there, some prawns, seaweed, plenty of feta cheese; it’s fantastic. 

  • Cookie or cake? 

I’m not a big sweet tooth guy but I’d go for cake. 

  • Mac or Windows? 

Mac. I’m on iPhone, I’ve got a MacBook Pro, the kids have got iPads - we’re very much an Apple household. 

  • Zoom call or face-to-face meeting? 

Face-to-face. As convenient as a Zoom call is, I’d much rather meet someone in person and have a chat. 

Gary, it’s been a pleasure. 

Drop by FigFlex Hull in person and discover how your business could benefit from setting up in a sleek serviced office in the heart of Hull.

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