Productivity is about far more than numbers on spreadsheets and lines on graphs. It is a measure of how every part of a business is used to generate a positive output and a mindset that sees your company operations as a whole.

Getting the right workspace is key, and all big corporations should be aware of the positive impact that your office rental can have on productivity.

Supporting employee choice and initiative

One of the big ways a large business can improve its productivity is by choosing a space which allows for a range of different workstyles. This is especially true since the pandemic where many people working from home discovered new work patterns which suited their personal needs.

The traditional cookie-cutter office layout with banks of open-plan desks no longer cuts it in the same way. Instead, you should look for a space which provides a range of different spaces so that people can switch between collaborative and focussed tasks as their workday demands.

Your employees know how they work best. Choosing a flexible workspace allows you to support them taking the initiative which will in turn lead to higher productivity and a thriving company.

High tech communication

The modern world offers many challenges for businesses, one of which is keeping everyone connected when your workforce is hybrid and spread out more than ever before.

The office is your business hub and it should be the centre of all activity, especially for large companies. Embracing the latest high end communications technology is key to this. That means providing business-grade internet for each employee and having access to larger meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities to make sure that employees and clients based elsewhere can participate efficiently.

With a flexible managed office like those provided by FigFlex, you get these as standard. All of our serviced offices are equipped with everything you need to keep teams in touch with each other, and clients in touch with the business. The best part? It is all included as part of the package so you can use all our high tech communication amenities without paying extra.

Boost health and wellbeing

The heart of productivity is healthy, motivated, energetic employees who can push your business onto the next level. This is especially true for large corporations which need everyone performing at their best to stay ahead of the competition and to innovate in new markets.

Your office rental can play a major part in this by providing everything needed to boost the health and wellbeing of your employees. Amenities including lounges, breakout rooms, gymnasiums and cafes can all make a big difference to employees, and therefore to your business’s productivity. It can even mean choosing a large office space like those available at Lynch Wood Park, a venue with acres of landscaped green space and lakeside gardens.

Research form the University of Exeter backs this up, showing that offices with greenery and green space reported 15% higher productivity than those without it, in addition to increased employee happiness and concentration. The study also suggests that green space makes employees more physically, cognitively, and emotionally involved in their work – to the benefit of your company.

The modern office is so much more than just a place to work. In the post-pandemic world it can hold the key to boosting productivity – making the positive impact of your office rental an important consideration for any big corporation.

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