Have you been considering an office move but unsure what your best option is? Serviced office space is more popular than ever and the perfect option for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to large professional corporations – but what is it?

This guide to serviced office space with FigFlex will answer all of your questions and give you the information you need to make the best choice for your business. Read on to learn more about serviced office space and how we work to make it perfect for you at FigFlex.

What is serviced office space?

Serviced office space – also known as private or managed office space – is the term for an office which comes fully furnished with various amenities and services included in the price.

While traditionally seen as a good choice for smaller businesses only, in the modern world serviced office leases like those provided by FigFlex are ideal for corporations of all sizes. Large professional firms are occupying anything from a handful of desks up to whole floors or even buildings on serviced terms.

What are the benefits of serviced office space?

Serviced offices offer a range of benefits and advantages over a traditional long-term office lease. Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, some of the benefits of serviced office space managed by FigFlex include:

· Flexible contracts – take as much space as you need when you need so your space grows at the same time as your company.

· Minimal or no capital costs – all set up is taken care of and included in the monthly price, offering unbeatable speed to market thanks to same day move-ins, a major advantage when compared to traditional leases which can take up to six months plus fit-out.

· Simplicity – Same day move-ins, simple contracts and a per-desk pricing model for ease

· All inclusive – one fee covers everything from desk space to bills to amenities, alongside the added benefit of our fixed cost for the term of our agreement

· Facilities – Our offices provide a range of amenities and facilities including breakout areas, meeting rooms, gyms, landscaped gardens and more as part of the package

For agile, growing businesses of any size or type, choosing a serviced office space offers a whole range of benefits.

Can I brand and personalise a FigFlex space?

One of the advantages of a traditional office lease is that you tend to have complete control over the space and can decorate or brand it how you wish. Likewise, you can lay the office out as you want to suit your needs.

Is this the case with serviced offices? If you choose a FigFlex office space then the answer is a resounding “yes”. Our team will work with you to make sure that your space is exactly how you want it so that you can keep all the benefits of choosing a managed office and also create a professional, branded space that works for your business.

Are serviced offices only for hybrid working?

Serviced offices are great for businesses which have embraced hybrid working – particularly those which may have seen their in-office headcount decline and are now paying for a lot of space they don’t use in a traditional office lease. For those companies, choosing a serviced space means that they can maintain their number of employees but cut their spend on office space in a time when many people are only in a physical office three days a week or less.

However, the same applies to businesses which are still in the office full time. There is still no reason to pay for more space than you need, especially if you are going to be stuck in a long-term contract. Choosing a serviced office like those provided by FigFlex means that you will only be paying for the desks you occupy. Unlike a traditional office lease, you won’t pay by the square foot for corridors, amenities, meeting rooms and other parts of the office. Serviced offices are ideal for businesses of all types.

How quickly can I get started?

If you're interested in securing serviced office space and considering a relocation to a FigFlex building, the entire process is incredibly straightforward. Simply engage with our friendly and supportive team, finalise the terms, and in most instances, you can transition into your new space the following day. 

At FigFlex, we can assure you that everything is already taken care of and you can move right in. Want to learn more and view a property near you? Get in touch with the team today by clicking here.