Having a great meeting room has never been more valuable. Hybrid working means that employees and clients are more likely to be working from home and being able to set up a seamless online meeting is an essential part of running a business.

A meeting room can be the ideal hub for creativity, productivity and even socialising when the time is right. But what makes a meeting room stand out? How do you choose the right one? We’ve gathered together our top tips for finding a meeting room that will set your business apart from the competition. Read on to find out more…

The basics

Before looking at any bells and whistles, you need to make sure that your chosen meeting room gets the basics right. You want it to be well lit, spacious and comfortable with enough chairs and tables so that no one feels crammed in. Nothing spoils a meeting like everyone constantly moving around because they can’t get comfortable.

Get the environment right and you will create the conditions for a great meeting that inspires productivity and creative thinking. Get it wrong, and people will find the meeting a chore and you risk giving off the exact opposite impression to what you intended.


As mentioned previously, the embrace of hybrid working has created a world where half your staff are in the office some days and half are working from home. Despite being in different places, they still need to work together effectively. The same goes for clients who may have chosen to work from home rather than travel to attend meetings.

This means that if you are looking to choose the ideal meeting room, it needs to have business-grade internet and state-of-the-art virtual meeting technology so that people can attend easily no matter where they are.

You should also look for technology in the room itself. For example, FigFlex meeting rooms are fitted with ClickShare wireless presentation technology which allows for simple display transfer from your laptop to the big screen monitor without needing to plug in to any cables.

Catering and comfort

Meetings can be long, and the more time they take the longer they can feel. The best meeting room venues will take this into account and have solutions at hand to keep everyone happy, healthy and energised.

One way we do this at FigFlex is by providing a range of catering options, from sandwiches and other cold snacks through to a selection of hot breakfasts and lunches depending on what suits the occasion. When you hire one of our meeting rooms, make sure to speak to the on-site management team about your food requirements and whatever else you need to make your meeting run smoothly.


Finally, it is important to choose a meeting room in the right location so that it is easily accessible for your team and any clients you want to bring in. Sites close to public transport links and easy road access are likely to suit all occasions.

FigFlex meeting rooms and offices are all chosen specifically to make access as easy as possible, and that pays dividends for anyone using our meeting rooms. If you rent office space with us, you can book a meeting room at your convenience using our handy online booking tool. If you don’t, our rooms are available to hire separately as you need them for either a half- or full-day.

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