Successful businesses end up hiring more staff and those people take up space. Traditionally, the more staff you had, the more office space you would need and the moment you were forced to find a bigger office was a marker of success.

But is that the case now? Hybrid working has upended the traditional office experience in a lot of ways. Arguably one of the most important is that the number of staff you have no longer directly correlates to how much space you need.

Instead, businesses are being forced to think more strategically and reassess their requirements in a time when many people are only in the office for a maximum of three days a week. In this environment, a flexible managed office space to rent be a much better option for large enterprises.

Minimal to no capital costs

Some of the biggest costs that come with setting up a new office come before you even move in. Fit outs, IT set up and paying the deposit are three costly examples of what you might have to pay if you need to expand into a larger office. If you choose a flexible managed space like those provided by FigFlex, none of that applies as it all comes as part of the package – eliminating a major cost straight away.

This also applies if you are expanding into a new market and want to set up a physical base. Expansions like this can be a risky, expensive venture – but not if you choose a flexible office. Doing so means that you can take exactly as much space as you need to test the waters, then expand if the new branch grows. At no point will you have large costs that might put you off the expansion in the first place.

Risk free contracts, flexible headcounts

Traditional offices tend to be long-term commitments with contracts that last a minimum of three-to-five years. This can be a major risk as you have to project your future headcounts and business growth ahead of time.

This was tough enough before hybrid working. Now, with people’s work schedules changing it can be impossible to say how many people will be in the office each day three years from now. With a flexible solution, you don’t have to worry. Contracts are on a monthly, rolling basis and you can grow or shrink your space as required.

Move quickly

The larger your business, the longer things seem to take to organise. Moving to a new office or setting up a new branch is a big undertaking that can take months to arrange and project manage. The previously mentioned contract negotiations and fit out requirements of a traditional office mean that you will have to put in a lot of legwork before moving.

In contrast, a flexible office like the managed spaces offered by FigFlex is simplified. Everything is in place and same-day move-ins are available with our flexible contracts. You can sign in the morning and be working in your new space by lunchtime.

All inclusive

Finally, expanding large enterprises looking for new office space should pay attention to how bills work. A traditional office lease will only cover the amount of space you rent, priced per square foot. You will be charged for everything including the corridors, toilets, breakout spaces and more.

A flexible office offers a much better deal. You are charged on a simple per-desk pricing model and that’s it. One fee covers everything managed by us including amenities, corridors, toilets and everything else – a much easier prospect. What’s more, your monthly payment even includes bills.

Large and growing enterprises are having to be smarter than ever before in the post-pandemic world where every advantage is needed to thrive. Choosing the right office can save you time, money and limit your risk.

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