The way the layout of an office affects people is fascinating. Good office design can motivate people, inspire creativity and bring people closer together to achieve fantastic results. On the other hand, bad design can make work a chore and see productivity plummet as staff become increasingly unhappy.

More and more businesses are becoming aware of why getting your office environment right is so important, and are investing in serviced offices as a result. Professionally run, flexible spaces with a range of amenities and smart technologies are more popular than ever as a result in all UK markets, including London.

Looking for your next office? Read on to learn more about one of the most important benefits of a serviced office – how they create a community which benefits both your employees and your business.

Keeping people connected

The modern business world is turning towards hybrid solutions as standard, and offices need to be able to provide for it. It is increasingly common for you team to be split across multiple locations now, and this means that they need to be able to communicate efficiently and securely.

A good flexible office space will enable this sort of connectivity through technology and facilities so that your company operates seamlessly. For example, many of our serviced offices for rent include dedicated meeting rooms with the latest telecommunications equipment and high-speed fibre broadband installed which you can use immediately on signing up – and what’s more, you don’t have to pay extra as it is part of the service offering.

Keeping your team in instant contact whenever they need to collaborate will create an atmosphere that enables and inspires ideas and results. It will also help everyone remain in touch socially and build the strong bonds that are the lifeblood of any business.

Spaces that promote comfort and wellbeing

A flexible office also delivers the promise of community by offering a whole range of different spaces for all occasions. Collaborative ‘hot desks’ which let people move around at will are a great way to get your staff working together more collaboratively and creatively. Likewise, many serviced offices also provide private rooms for when deeper concentration is required, and the aforementioned meeting room facilities to keep those working elsewhere involved.

This philosophy of space is also apparent in the facilities provided in many serviced or flexible office buildings. A major part of how communities are built in flexible offices can be found here, in the measures taken to make occupiers more comfortable in their downtime – after all, there is more to life than work.

Facilities including breakout rooms for relaxation, cafes and coffee bars, gymnasiums, landscaped gardens and roof terraces – and much more. The list goes on, but what they all have in common is that they encourage people to socialise and concentrate on health and wellbeing. These are key factors in creating a community in the office which offers something employees cannot get at home, making your company more attractive and a positive addition to people’s lives.

Vibrant business community

Unlike a traditional office space where companies are siloed off on separate floors, a flexible office space often has a range of companies sharing the same communal spaces and facilities. In a FigFlex office you can bump into people from start-ups and established large companies equally – and that makes for a unique business community.

One of the main benefits of an office is the idea of the chance encounter. This effect is multiplied by a community which includes a whole range of businesses in one place, all with fresh ideas and energy of their own. A community like this can only be found in the type of environment created by a shared office, and companies up and down the country who have shifted their business into these buildings are seeing the benefits.

Want to learn more about how flexible offices build community and how that can benefit your business? Get in touch with our team today and find out about our available spaces near you by clicking here.