Creating and maintaining a positive work environment can be a major contributor to your company’s success. Getting your workspace right can improve employee happiness, productivity and health, making your business an attractive place to work and helping you keep the best talent.

At FigFlex, we provide spaces which help you achieve this over the lifetime of your business, no matter how much it grows and changes. Every aspect of our buildings is designed to maximise positivity and give your business the tools it needs to survive. Read on to learn about some of the ways we create a positive working environment for our clients.

Provide a mix of work spaces

Making the office a positive space for our clients involves providing all sorts of different work environments. The days of the open-plan office with banks of identical desks dominating work are over, and instead people now want more variety.

Our serviced offices for rent include spaces for collaboration and group work – including hot desk facilities – but they also provide more private spaces for when people need to sit and concentrate without distractions.

By offering both, your employees can work exactly how they need to and change when the job at hand requires it. No one will feel like they’re in a negative or unhelpful work environment and can instead choose a space which best suits their needs at any particular time.

Enable a mix of remote and in-person work

Now that many people work from home at least some of the time in a hybrid fashion, seamless links are needed between home and the office to keep creativity flowing and productivity high.

It is also the case that great connectivity between home and the office will ensure that everyone feels involved and part of the team. This is a challenge facing many businesses these days, and the serviced offices we provide can play a major role in solving this problem, helping create a positive work environment no matter how spread out your business might be.

We provide a range of incredible facilities and amenities to make this happen, including high-capacity fibre broadband, conference phones throughout, high tech meeting rooms with the latest telecommunications equipment, and more that helps to create a positive work environment for all of your employees whether they are working in the office or from home.

With FigFlex, you can be certain of complete flexibility to adapt your workspace requirements according to your wants and needs.

Office comfort

Finally, we prioritise comfort at every stage – in many ways, this is the ultimate key to a positive working environment that increases happiness and wellbeing, and becomes a place people want to spend time in.

Designing for comfort also means getting the lighting and ventilation just right to create that perfect ambiance, providing comfortable furniture for every desk space, and including additional relaxation and breakout rooms that your employees can use when they need a break. These sociable areas let people spend time together and form the bonds that lead to a positive, productive workplace.

By putting comfort first in all of our serviced offices, we create a positive working atmosphere for our clients which is a great benefit to your business. 

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