Southampton is developing into one of the most exciting and vibrant business locations in the UK. Innovative and forward-thinking companies are finding a home on the Solent, and now there is office space available to rent to match their ambitions.

FigFlex office space in Southampton is up and running, and its early success has been underlined by a bold and breathtaking clean air mural on The Bulb. This newly refurbished building is part of the £3.5m transformation of Nelson Gate and has become a STEM community hub – the perfect place for a new work of art which redefines how we can use our buildings in a sustainable manner.

A competition was held by FI Real Estate Management to find an artist and 10,000 votes were cast, with the end winner being Nerone – one of the most prolific street artists in the UK. Nerone and a team from Lawless Studio® completed the 1,005 sqm mural in just three weeks, during which time they also held community workshops and events with locals.

The stunning, colourful floral design is like nothing else in Southampton and brings a unique visual flourish to the city. However, it is much more than a simple work of art – it is also a sustainability statement.

The mural was created with Graphenstone CO2 absorbent paint which is lime-based, meaning that it can absorb CO2 from the air as part of the natural lime cycle. Overall, it is estimated that the mural will take 65kg of carbon from the air, a public demonstration of how we can embed sustainability in our built environment through unusual and inventive methods if we so choose.

This aspect of the mural compliments other features of the refurbished office which have been designed to make the day-to-day running of the building more sustainable. Active heating and cooling has been installed along with low energy lighting to make sure that the environment is both comfortable and conserves as much energy as possible.

The result is a high specification, Grade A office building which can accommodate 1-100+ workstations, coworking spaces, an outstanding reception area, new landing areas and toilet facilities, and a state-of-the-art meeting room to suit all your business needs, big or small.

Located just a 10-minute walk from the city centre and opposite Southampton Central Station, this is easily accessible for commuters and completely unmissable for businesses – even more so with the unique, landmark mural.

Charlie Cudworth Managing Director at FigFlex, said: “The Bulb is an outstanding addition to Southampton’s office market and there really is nothing else like it in the city. The building is packed with great features that are designed to make it the best working environment possible for businesses and employees."

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