Getting your office environment just right has never been more important, or more valuable. Hybrid working is fast becoming the norm and that means that having a welcoming, comfortable, productive office for the days staff come in can set your business apart from the competition.

Providing an office that is something more than simply a place to sit and do work is crucial and can make all the difference. Factors such as flexibility, sustainability, health and wellbeing, and location have become all important. Offices which can provide that are in extremely high demand.

Is UK office space demand growing?

Data shows that office take up has almost completely recovered from the impact of Covid-19 – but the overall situation is quite changed. The key difference is what type of offices are attracting the most attention.

CBRE research shows that new and refurbished buildings which are fresh on the market have the most appeal. Almost two thirds of the top deals in Q4 2022 were for spaces in the early stage of marketing. This trend is set to continue with 3.4m sqft of new offices ready to enter to market in 2023, and huge pre-lets being secured for many of the best ones already.

Many businesses are leaning towards new spaces because they are versatile and meet the needs of the modern, post-pandemic hybrid workplace. Businesses which stick with traditional offices risk being left behind and missing out on a whole range of benefits.

Collaboration, co-operation and community

Premium serviced offices are designed to maximise health and wellbeing, offering superior environments which promote both work and socialising. Prioritising these and getting the balance right will help to inspire proactive, productive staff who truly enjoy coming into work.

The ideal modern office emphasises collaboration, co-operation and community as standard now as people hold social interaction at work on the same level as professional interaction. This is a modern, forward-thinking view of what an office can be, and demand is highest for spaces which provide it.

This can be done by designing different spaces for different purposes – and having the ability to configure them as you need. Co-working spaces, hot-desk areas, private rooms for concentration and breakout rooms are all part of the mix and play their part in creating the ideal workspace. 

Wellbeing and sustainability

In addition to having flexible work areas, the most desirable and productive offices also offer a range of amenities which promote wellbeing and relaxation. These can be lounges, roof gardens, improved lunch facilities or anything else which improves quality of life.

It could mean cycle storage and gym facilities to assist with the commute and their physical health. It could mean the latest smart technologies which improve air quality and reduce the building’s overall carbon footprint – a key factor for attracting climate-conscious staff.

Many new buildings now will meet exacting BREEAM or WELL standards which show exactly how much energy the building uses and demonstrate in detail how they are environmentally friendly. Studies from around the world show that buildings with higher environmental accreditation enjoy improved occupant satisfaction, especially among younger generations.

If employees are spending more time in the office again, it makes sense that they will choose companies who can offer them the best office experience. By choosing an office which achieves some or all of the above, your business can enjoy huge benefits.

The future of offices

There is so much more to offices than there every has been before. The post-pandemic worker has different priorities, and where you base your business needs to contribute positively to their lives.

If you choose a premium serviced office which looks after people’s physical and mental health, offers them space to be productive in a way which suits them, and is friendly to the environment – you are onto a winner.

Offices which can offer this are in higher demand than ever before.

Connor Shiels, Head of Operations at FigFlex, says: “The most in demand modern office buildings are those which offer a diverse work environment which promotes health, wellbeing, community and productivity.

“None of those things are mutually exclusive, and savvy leaders will choose an office which empowers their workforce, allowing them to thrive in a changing business landscape.”

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