Workspace requirements are changing rapidly in the modern world. Conventional office leases where you rent a large space for an extended period of time are falling in popularity as people want more from where they work.

To take the London office market as an example, research from Workthere shows that flexible office occupancy levels in the capital reached an average of 90% in the second half of 2022 – a 71% year-on-year increase.

Regional markets are equally positive, with occupancy of flexible offices rising to 88% in the second half of last year. Furthermore, the same report says that demand for flexible office space is 158% higher than it was before Covid-19.

Flexible office spaces are popular right now – but what makes them so good? In this article we have taken a look at how you can benefit from renting flexible office space. Read on to find out more…

Flexible contracts

As the world of work becomes more fluid and hybrid working comes to the fore, you might not know how long your business will require an office space. In this environment, signing up for 10 years or more is simply not as justifiable anymore.

On the other hand, you could rent a flexible office space that offers much shorter contracts if they are needed. By doing so, you can be assured that you won’t be renting office space for longer than you need, and that your businesses can respond in an agile way to unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Flexible office space can grow and shrink

Related to this is the consideration of how much space you need. When renting a space for a long period of time as with a traditional office lease, you have to think ahead and predict what space you might need in years to come.

This means that you could be stuck renting empty space for a long time until your company grows, or even indefinitely if your future predictions don’t materialise – a major long-term expense that your business can surely do without.

Employee wellbeing

The rise of hybrid and flexible working goes hand-in-hand with greater competition to attract the best employees to your business. People know there is a better way now, and that means they won’t accept long commutes and dreary offices in the way they used to.

With this in mind, your office has to add something that people can’t get at home and that improves their health, wellbeing and work experience. This can be additional facilities such as relaxing break rooms, cafes and gymnasiums; or they can be smart technology upgrades such as multimedia meeting rooms, automatic heat and ventilation controls and smart access systems which are a common feature of modern flexible office spaces.

Everything you need is included in one package

As well as only paying for the space you need on flexible terms, one of the best benefits of working in a flexible office space is that everything you need is included in one simple package.

The buildings come with a fully staffed reception in most cases, along with pre-assembled workspaces, meeting rooms that just work, and no more phone or cable installation needed. Flexible, serviced offices are as easy as that.

In all ways, choosing a flexible office is a simple, one-stop option where everything is included in a convenient package. Want to learn more about how to rent a flexible office near you?

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