The world of work is constantly evolving. What people want from their office space is always changing, and in response businesses and offices need to offer different things to make sure their employees and clients are happy.

This has never been truer than right now, and so we have looked ahead to offer some insight into the three trends all managers and business owners should be aware of that are shaping work in 2023 and beyond.

Consolidation of office space

The disruption many businesses have faced over the last few years caused a period of reflection and change at all levels. The most obvious example of this is how hybrid working has been pushed into the mainstream and become a feature of working life for millions.

An interesting side effect of this can be seen in how companies are consolidating their office space. Data from the Office for National Statistics earlier this year showed that more than 40% of Britons are now working from home at least some of the week.

Offices are emptier as a consequence, leading many business leaders to look at how much they are paying for unused space and consider other options. Hybrid working is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that your current office arrangements have to be.

Over time, long-term leases will run out and businesses will switch to flexible, short-term leases in increasing numbers. Instead of leasing a whole, half-empty floor for 10 years, why not lease exactly what space you need on a rolling monthly basis and increase or decrease it as required?

Offices which can provide this flexibility will become more and more popular as companies consolidate their existing leases into smaller, more flexible and more cost-efficient spaces.

Flexible service offering

Alongside the above consolidation of space from long-term leases to short-term flexible spaces will come a similar change in the services offered to businesses leasing an office.

When renting space in a flexible office, you get the whole package. All of your bills are included in one place and administration is taken care of by the building management team. Likewise, you will have access to all the building’s amenities including meeting rooms, kitchens, cafes, gyms, business lounges, gardens and more – but all without having to manage it.

You can use these amenities flexibly as part of the service, but without being under any further obligations. Everything will be taken care of on your behalf, and this means that you can include an amenity-rich space as part of your offer to employees without having to pay extra for it.

In a time when employees are more willing to move to find the ideal work environment, the flexible service on offer to those looking to lease a serviced office give you a competitive edge. As workplace trends go, providing more for your employees is one that will continue to be a major factor. By renting a serviced office you can give people what they want.

Rise of technology

Related to the previous point about hybrid working is the necessity of technology. The workplace has been defined by technology in many ways for a long time now, but we have reached a new level now that teams are regularly spread far and wide.

Hybrid work patterns demand solutions which keep people collaborating, creating and co-operating no matter where they all are at the time. That means business-grade internet and state-of-the-art communications technology is now no longer an optional extra. Your business needs to be agile and adaptable – and that means offices which can promote this will be more valuable than ever.

If you are a business owner, it has never been more important to find a flexible office that allows people to work together how they want, and provides what they need, when they need it. As these trends shaping work in 2023 and beyond show, now might be the time to get ahead and find a flexible, serviced office to rent in the UK.

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