Although collaboration in the workplace isn’t necessarily a new concept, it has seen a rise in its significance in recent years. Having a culture of collaboration helps businesses boost employee capabilities and knowledge. With information and ideas easily spread across the company when employees are in easy and frequent communication, not only does individual confidence and motivation boost, but work productivity too.

If you want a high-performing team in the 21st century, a collaborative culture is crucial to help you build that.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Teamwork is recognised in any and every type of industry. From customer service to education, the value of collaboration extends across every platform.

No matter your position in the company, anyone can utilise and gain the rewards from engaging in a synergetic environment.   

The ultimate goal of creating a culture of working together is to maximise the success of a business. When you work in a team, knowledge, talent and inspiration is spread from person to person.

But how can you benefit from teamwork if you are an independent professional that works from home?

Enter co-working…

At FigFlex offices, we offer co-working spaces which are best suited for remote workers, freelancers, and start-ups. Whether you’re a small team starting out or going at it alone, these shared spaces come with a range of benefits.

Coworking Space at FigFlex Gloucester

Better together

Unlike a traditional office, co-working spaces consist of a variety of businesses and independent professionals working together in a shared, communal setting. Working amongst people who are doing different types of work can make your own identity stronger. In a collaborative environment, clients are given an opportunity to describe what they do more frequently which can spark more interest in what they do for others and themselves.

Leading on from this, working alongside others creates a supportive community where we naturally help each other out. Co-workers can also share skill sets and knowledge that independently may not have flourished.  

Your business community, your way

Being part of a professional business community comes with the chance to build and maintain important connections. Socialising isn’t forced or compulsory either, so you can choose how and when you interact with others and enjoy discussions over a cuppa!

Even if you prefer your own company, you could still listen in on the conversations happening around you and feel like part of a team.

Never a dull moment

Coworking spaces are specifically designed to help create focus and increase work productivity. At FigFlex, we ensure our coworking environments are vibrant, energetic and unique to our identity.

Working in a shared space is fun and a great way to boost individual mental health and wellbeing. Starting a business shouldn’t have to be a lonely experience, and there’s no better place for creating a culture of collaboration than a coworking space!

A community built from the foundations of teamwork can be adopted in a variety of different environments, each designed to help you and your business thrive. With FigFlex co-working options, you’ll never have to feel as though you’re missing out on the important tricks of the trade.

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