Hull-based small business consultant, Olivia Crabtree, started out creating handmade gifts from her university halls and in the space of two years, is now running a successful consultancy from FigFlex Offices at Cherry Tree Court in Hull.

After creating a profitable small business in just four months, which saw Olivia turn it from a part-time job into a full-time career, she decided to build on her success and use it to help other budding entrepreneurs achieve the same. 

Olivia launched The Small Business Handbook in May 2021 from her home, with the aim of helping small businesses move from selling a few products to a full time venture offering a wide range. Looking to expand her business offering and wanting to regain some work-life balance, Olivia decided to take the next step and rent an office space at FigFlex Hull.

Olivia commented: “I saw renting office space as a big step but it was what I needed in order to keep my business going and grow my services. I had to see it as an investment rather than an expense. I didn't need much space at first when I was providing ebooks and one-to-one zoom masterclasses, just a laptop and a desk, but I wanted to start selling physical products and to make that possible I needed more room. FigFlex Office's flexible approach and excellent customer service made everything as seamless and easy as possible.”

Starting with a two-person office at the end of January, Olivia now has a team of eight employees and rents a further two-person and six-person offices.

“I chose FigFlex because of how the offices looked. The clean and professional layout creates a really nice place to work and as someone who is motivated by their surroundings, I find I can work ten times better in a place like this. FigFlex Hull’s centre manager, Gary, and his team are also so kind and approachable, I wouldn’t have been able to expand in such a short space of time without them. Gary has made a great effort to find me the space I need and turn everything around so quickly, making everything a lot less stressful.”

Olivia is now looking ahead to the future for The Small Business Handbook and other potential ventures she can start from FigFlex Hull.

Olivia continued: “I am already thinking of some new business ideas and in order to bring these to life, I will need the space to do so. With how easy it has been to be able to say to Gary ‘I need more space’ and he makes it happen, everything is so much more streamlined and will enable my business and future ideas to really flourish and grow.”

FigFlex Hull launched in August 2021 at Cherry Tree Court in Hull city centre and provides sleek professional serviced offices, as well as inspiring coworking and breakout areas. We are driven by our dedicated, experienced centre management team, on hand to assist with any office-related matters.

We recently promoted the ways in which our resident small businesses operate and their journeys to success during our Small Business Week, as well as raising awareness of the benefits of flexible office space.

Our spokesperson commented: “FigFlex Hull launched as our fourth location last summer and has provided the creative space for small business owners, like Olivia, to fully establish their companies. FigFlex aims to provide flexible workspace for businesses of all sizes by supporting them as their services change and grow. To hear Olivia’s story and to see how our dedicated in-house team has been able to help The Small Business Handbook go from a two person to an eight person team in just a few months, is fantastic and is exactly what FigFlex is all about.”