Entering a new and exciting phase, Peterborough is a thriving, cosmopolitan city, steeped in medieval history with a bright future ahead. A city which is gaining lots of attention for all the right reasons, and the perfect place to start, grow and thrive with your business.

Aside from being home to ‘The Posh’ (cute nickname for Peterborough United), there’s so much more to Peterborough than you think you already know…

Small Business Haven

Ranked as the fourth Most Entrepreneurial City in the UK, Peterborough is widely becoming recognised as a great place to start your business. Not only does Peterborough’s small business survival rate surpass many other UK cities, the high level of business start-ups has also coined the city the title of being one of the fasted growing cities. Exciting stuff for new and existing businesses in the region!

Micro and small businesses provide over half of local jobs, making small businesses that little bit more important to the city’s economy. Luckily, Peterborough already recognises their impact and offer a number of different services to local, growing and start-up businesses through a wide network of support. Having help and advice on hand creates the foundations for a solid, connected business community and for FigFlex Offices, this is a major win!

Networking and forming relationships is essentially what makes the world go round, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients supporting one another. Ultimately, Peterborough is an ideal city for small businesses to thrive, grow and prosper and a well fitted place for welcoming new members to the FigFlex Family!

We make use of all the business services available on offer in Peterborough, it would be rude not to! We owe it to our clients to ensure we’re doing all we can to help guide them on their golden journey to success, and if that means dedicating a whole week across all our centres to small businesses, then you bet we’ve done it!

In May, we hosted our very first FigFlex Small Business Week, where all our centres put the spotlight on their small business clients, recognising and congratulating all their achievements! Various Small Business Support services such as ‘Growth Works’ visited our office centre based at Lynch Wood Park, offering invaluable advice and making businesses aware of the help that’s available for them in Peterborough.

FigFlex Peterborough’s Centre Manager Paul, sporting our Small Business Week celebratory balloon arch!

The Connected City

Home to some of the quickest commuter times in the country, the city benefits from enviable connectivity, making getting to work that little bit less stressful. The direct links through rail and road make Peterborough an easy-to-get-in, easy-to-get-out place which is an attractive quality in any city. Getting around is no bother either, with parkways stretching across the city, you can go from the concrete jungle to green space bliss in a matter of five minutes.

Direct rail connections can take you to the capital’s King Cross Station in under 40 minutes and other major UK cities are just as easily accessible, making it a lot easier for you and your business partners to meet up. Sorry, there’s just no excuses in Peterborough!

Speaking of connectivity, being a gigabit city, Peterborough’s homes and businesses reap the perks of a full-fibre infrastructure – in other words, super- fast internet connection. If that hasn’t sold the city to you alone then we don’t know what will!

To the future!

Since being named World Smart City of The Year in 2015, Peterborough’s sustainability movement has gained significant momentum. With ambitions to become the UK’s environmental capital, it’s all hands-on deck for creating an eco-friendly environment fit for the future that we can show off to the world! Leaders in the UK eco movement, Peterborough flashes its peacock feathers by opting to become a zero-waste economy by 2050. That’s a big boot to fill but if any place can make it happen, we have every faith it’s this city.

Peterborough boasts plenty of natural green space too and is home to ‘The Green Wheel’ – a network of footpaths, bridleways, and cycle paths. As we’ve said before, Peterborough is the land of ‘no excuses’, so you absolutely can’t get out of ‘cycle to work’ week because they just make it too easy for you!

Back onto the serious stuff, Peterborough really is making big strides towards a more energy efficient city, they’re planting even more tree’s in around the city with a goal of over 180,000 to be planted by 2030. Tree hugs for everyone!

Reflecting the city’s green agenda, our FigFlex Centre at Lynch Wood Park has state-of-the-art Electrical Vehicle charging stations installed. We want to promote the use of electric cars and help to diminish tailpipe emissions and provide a clean, fresh air. After all, that’s the least we deserve, right?

There are heaps of reasons why Peterborough is a great place to live and work, and the above are just the tip of the iceberg. As well as being a thriving hub for business and commerce, the natural beauty and cultural history is unrivalled.

Now's the time to get your foot in through this City's door! Find out more about flexible office space options in Peterborough.