Having your own private, serviced office comes with heaps of benefits, from flexible growth parameters to having zero set up time. Perhaps one of the most attractive perks is the option to make your office your own.

Whether you think you and your team would be most productive in an ultra-green eco paradise or an uber-futuristic space with all the latest tech, the sky is the limit! Finding what fuels and compliments your business ethos and values can be reflected in your office décor.

Since most of us spend the majority of our day in the office, why would we want to spend it a mundane environment that drains the motivation out of us? With a private office, you get the opportunity to transform your space in the garden of eden which is ideal for your business.

The workplace is becoming more personal than ever, and this has positive impacts on your staff’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Once you’re comfortably in your office, it’s time to think about personalising, organising and decorating your space into a work haven your business and staff deserve.

In true FigFlex style, we’ve come up with some handy pointers to consider when decorating your space:

Let your personality shine

Who you are and what you do flows through every avenue of your business. Reflecting your business personality in your company headquarters is a great way to get your staff feeling professional, connected and motivated. Being part of a team encourages a strong company culture which in turn, inspires a loyal, dedicated workforce. So if you’re wondering what the ingredients are for the magical potion of success, it’s in the previous sentence!

Keep it fresh

As much as you may be tempted to transform your office into your very own cave of wonders, try to keep clutter to a minimum. A cluttered space = a cluttered mind, and we want to throw out anything that could kill our vibe! Keeping your desk and floor space clear of unnecessary paper, books and clutter ensures a professional workspace ready for action. Make it easy enough for your staff and guests to pop in and out and feel welcome and at ease in your business home. Me casa es su casa and all that jazz.

Art from the heart

You might want to spice things up with some fancy art which represents your business values, or maybe something inspirational and moving that you know your staff will appreciate. Perhaps you want to add little splashes of your brand colours through hanging wall art or even branded desk chair pillows. Whatever type of artwork brings you joy and compliments your company, it’s the perfect way to make a professional space with a lovely personal touch.

Side note: Keep it tasteful, there’s a thin line between a beauty and an eyesore these days!

Furnish and flourish

Here’s where personal touches can really make a difference. From funky mugs and quirky stationary holders to a framed photo of the family dog and a cute little office plant named Lenny, all your functional items that can be personalised to individual style and taste will make you feel at home. Just don’t forget to water Lenny…

Having little pieces of your own personality within a clean and professional environment will boost your mood and keep you energized and productive – just the way it should be!