FigFlex Peterborough opened its doors on 3rd May set inside the stunning business campus of Lynch Wood Park. Combining work, leisure and beauty, our Peterborough centre really does have it all.

So, who better to head this magnificent centre than Mr Peterborough himself, Mr Paul Smith?

We managed to squeeze some precious time in with FigFlex Peterborough Centre Manager, to get to know him and show him off to the world.

  • Hey Mr Peterborough! Tell us what your typical day looks like at FigFlex Peterborough…

That’s a tough one, I don’t really know what my clients are going to need from me on any particular day or time and to be honest that’s exactly what I love about my job! No 2 days are the same and there’s so much variety.

  • What’s the best part of your job?

I’m definitely a people person so I get my energy and enthusiasm from meeting new people and being around my clients each day. For me, there is no better feeling then being able to help someone, whether that’s by setting them up with a brand new office or putting them in contact with someone who can help their business grow. I love being able to lend a hand!

  • We hear you’re a proud supporter of The POSH (Peterborough United) and even have the pyjamas to prove it, is this true?

I’m actually a Manchester United supporter but because of my close working relationship with Peterborough United and because I attend quite a lot of their games with my son Oliver, it has slowly crept up on me that I’m now more of a Posh fan than I am a Manchester United fan!


  • What would be your ideal business to come in and join the FigFlex Family at Peterborough?

For purely selfish reasons, Tesla Car Company as I would love to have a Tesla! 😊An Events Company that arranges Sporting Events, Music Events etc that would be cool too! I’m also always on the lookout for any niche businesses that you don’t come across very often as it adds something different to the client base.

  • How have you landed the nickname ‘Mr. Peterborough’?

In my early days in previous jobs, I attended quite a lot of networking events and was lucky enough to be part of the biggest and highest performing networking group in Cambridgeshire. This is how I’ve formed connections and been recommended by many as the ‘go-to’ in Peterborough for Office Space!

  • Where’s your favourite spot in the city for some ‘me time’?

Thorpe Wood Golf Course, Posh Football Ground or Middletons Steak House!

  • If I was planning a day out in PB, where would you recommend going?

Orton Hall as a lovely Pool & Spa, Turkish Kitchen for Lunch, followed by a visit to Ferry Meadows for a go on the Jet Ski’s on the lake! Finishing off with Hot Chocolate and cake!

We might give that a go next time we’re headed to FigFlex Peterborough! Now for the questions we really want to know…

  • If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Ohhhhhh can I have two super powers? 1st would be to be able to read people’s minds, 2nd I’d be Super Quick like the Flash!

  • Name 3 people you would want to sit down and have a conversation with in your FigFlex breakout room.

David Beckham, Mel C, James Corden 

  • What’s your go to karaoke song?

Justin Timberlake- Can’t Stop the Feeling

  • What date would your time machine be set to?

1966 when England won the World Cup

  • Considering your knowledge of the small business world, what’s one piece of advice you’ve got for a start-up business looking to move into an office?

Network, Network, Network, Network, Network- get out and meet as many people and businesses as you can. Talk to them about your business, remember people buy from people 😊

  • If you could work in FigFlex centre anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Hawaii- been once and absolutely loved it!