Bye, bye virtual floating heads, hello real 3D people!

Come out of the shadows of your living room and forget about the ‘hide my camera’ option on your virtual meeting, the days of meeting in person are making a swift come back – and we’re totally here for it!

A face-to-face meeting isn’t just the perfect opportunity to exploit unlimited refills of pure liquid gold, A.K.A coffee, hiring a meeting room is also a super simple and effective way to knuckle down to business.

These little pods of greatness are the perfect way to ensure communication flows throughout your workforce and provides a modern and comfortable space to get your business tasks done.

Did you know you can hire a meeting room from FigFlex Offices whether you’re a member of the FigFlex Family, or just passing through?

Well, now you do! And we’ve even listed the top pros about hiring a meeting room to tip the ‘to meet or not to meet’ scale.

Keeping up appearances

Fancy maintaining a business image to be proud of?

Every little helps and the small things that you can do to ‘keep up appearances’ can really make all the difference. One’s things for sure, where you choose to conduct your business will have an impact on your brand presence and we’re here to make sure that effect is positive!

Whether you’re holding a staff meeting, presenting to potential investors, or catching up with a client, your business image needs to be on point. Think of it from your guests’ perspective – if you were to walk into a modern, fresh and organised space, what would you think of that business? There is no denying that first impressions count, so let’s make it a good one. A FigFlex meeting room will go above and beyond your needs and gives you the opportunity to make a positive, long-lasting impression – box ticked!

Peace, Privacy and Productivity

We already know communication is a key element of creating a successful team. If there’s a lack of communication, the whole business gets affected and, let’s be honest, you could do without that negativity!

However, luckily for us all, communication is one of the easiest skills to strengthen, even if your team are remote workers. By hiring a meeting room, you can get the whole team together to rekindle that work flame and bounce fresh ideas off each other. No matter the reason behind your meeting, collaboration will always be key for overall success!

Hosting your business get-together in a private room also allows your clients and staff to relax and focus on the task in hand. Without the distraction of a hectic home office, a noisy coffee shop or chaotic office environment, you can get in the zone and get on with it…job done.

Feature this

If you want a place to represent how fabulous you are, you’ll need it to be as fabulous as you! Aside from the attendees, what you find in your meeting room will be the most important aspect of your hired room. Productive meetings need WiFi, technology, furniture and of course, a flowing supply of caffeine – have we mentioned its free already? (eyes emoji)

Up-to-date tech such as clickshare wireless presentation technology where anyone can log in and share their content, will create the business experience you want to bless your guests with. We know the latest equipment isn’t always readily available for new start-ups and small businesses, so it’s helpful to know that you can have access those features without the hefty purchase costs.

With a FigFlex meeting room, you’ll have the option of adding some extra fancy features too such as a catering service to keep yours and your clients’ stomachs full. After all, no-one should make business decisions on an empty one – you’re not you when you’re hungry! 

Stimulate creativity

 “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” — Edward De Bono

The root of all greatness is creativity. Everything starts with your imagination. Think of your mind and ideas as a small seed that needs to be watered and looked after in order to make it bloom into something extraordinary. You can get your teams creative mind flowing through various exercises, but the environment in which you work is perhaps the most influential.

Choosing a space that’s differs from your usual work environment will energise and exercise those creative brain waves and gives birth to fresh, world-changing ideas! Offering your team an experience that takes them out of their ordinary workday will spark their motivation and desire to perform. Win-win!

So, are you ready to book a meeting room?

Our centres are home to high-spec meeting rooms of various sizes and shapes, equipped and ready to cater to your business needs. If you think your business could benefit from all the above, then take a look at our locations to find your nearest FigFlex centre.