It is estimated that there is more than 85m sqft of active co-working space across the country with much more to be found in the form of serviced, flexible offices on top of that.

Demand for flexible and serviced offices is growing among both employees and businesses for a whole number of reasons. For employees, this type of workspace is ideal for hybrid working patterns where people might only be there for a maximum of three days a week.

On those days, the office must provide something they can’t get at home to be worthwhile, and it is here that amenity-rich spaces which support people working in a flexible manner come into their own. Additions like breakout spaces, gymnasiums, cafés and more are fantastic features which help people prioritise their health and wellbeing when in the office.

When it is time for work, office arrangements that allow people to collaborate freely for group projects and find a more private space for solo concentration allow all personality types to flourish as suits them best. By encouraging this type of adaptability, flexible offices for rent in locations around the UK are reimagining what office work is and providing a fantastic new alternative for businesses.

By choosing a space like this, a business can support its employees at the same time as creating the conditions for increased productivity and innovation.

What’s more, flexible and serviced offices offer businesses the ability to cut costs down to only the space you actually use and to flex that requirement up or down on a month-by-month basis as your needs change. Going flexible means no more wasting money on space you don’t need – and there are no additional costs or bills either. What you see is what you get with a flexible or serviced office space.

With all of that in mind, it’s no surprise that the availability of flexible and serviced offices continues to fall as demand grows. The advantages are too good for businesses big and small to ignore, and the best flexible offices to rent are getting snapped up faster each month.

In the future, supply will continue to fall as Avison Young reports that a third of all new UK office space under construction is already pre-let, and that construction levels up to 2026 are falling.

At FigFlex, we provide workspaces that grow with you through thick and thin. It’s not about providing the bare minimum – we give you more for your money and provide an unmatched office experience.

Connor Shields, Head of Operations at FigFlex, says: “Businesses across the country are reassessing their needs and workplace strategies in a way they haven’t before. New challenges mean that new answers are required, and our serviced, flexible offices can provide that”

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