Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, (each to their own – no judgement here!), you’ve definitely heard of the term sustainability. Becoming eco-friendly is high on people’s priority list in all areas of their life, and these days, running an office with a sustainable agenda is way more attractive than not doing so!

A workspace aimed to reduce its impact on the environment can be solved by following a few simple tips. There’s no need to be put off by the grand gestures the larger companies are doing, the smallest changes from you and your business can make a big difference.


Recycling is the most commonly practised method around the home and the workplace, it’s like second nature to us humans now. You can make it super easy for everyone in the office too by placing nominated recycling bins in clear view so there’s absolutely no excuse to not get involved in saving the planet.

Reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible. From everyday materials such as paper, carboard and glass, to less common items like ink cartridges and batteries, you can contribute to reducing unnecessary landfill waste. It’s important to remember that your recycling habits have a direct impact on our environment and all-round quality of life on this planet, adding a couple of extra recycling bins isn’t such a big task in the grand scheme of things!


The best part of making an office greener is by physically making it greener! If you can’t live your woodland fairy dream life during the day, then who’s stopping you from transforming your office into the next best thing? Or maybe channelling your inner Tarzan by creating your own office jungle paradise with 7ft green plants scattered around your desks? We wouldn’t bat an eyelid. You do you!

Plus, the addition of plants in your office improves air quality by filtering the air and producing fresh, clean oxygen, as well as decreasing stress and sickness among your work force.

Greenery is the perfect addition to your office when implementing a workplace wellness strategy too. As mentioned above, office plants can help reduce stress, sickness and splashes us with little doses of the happiness. They’re not called nature’s healer for nothing!

P.s. If you do create a woodland fairy, Tarzan themed, jungle jane office, please send us the pics so we can turn green with envy!

Office Supplies

From the pen in your hand to the cleaning products under your desk, you name it and we bet there’s an eco-friendly alternative. Classic stationary can easily be swapped out for an environmentally friendly option such as a bamboo pens and 100% recycled paper.

Additionally, swapping the typical chemical office cleaners to natural based solutions not only helps the environment, but also your health. It’s definitely not a coincidence that a headache appears right after you clean, you can thank those chemicals for that! Of course, sometimes the natural products may cost a little extra and that can be a big put off for most people. However, although the price tag is higher, they can actually last that little bit longer than the regular cleaning products.

BANG! And the environmentally harmful cleaning products are gone!

Have fun with it!

Even if you’ve got a small team, it would be great to get everyone involved in making your office space greener. Challenges and incentives are a fun and interactive way to encourage an eco-friendly team effort. Cycle to work schemes are the perfect example of this, alongside monthly recycling targets and energy consumption challenges. Keep things interesting while educating staff and colleagues on eco-friendly practices.

Giving employees a variation in their workday is well known to have a productive effect on overall job satisfaction. Introducing challenges and encouraging collaboration for a wider purpose won’t take the focus off the actual work, instead it could go that one step further and create stronger bonds and connections between colleagues. Offering incentives such as gift vouchers or running competitions such as naming the office plant, is sure to boost office morale while positively impacting the environment.

Super simple ways to make super eco-friendly changes. Let’s do this together!