In the post-pandemic world, work has changed forever and companies are settling into more flexible offices in London as a result.

A survey of 500 London businesses carried out by Bloomberg shows that a quarter of companies in London are downsizing their office holdings as work patterns change. A further 18% are opting to keep the same footprint but swap their traditional offices for more modern flexible spaces.

The research shows that this trend is pushing up vacancy rates in the capital overall – but that the best flexible offices are becoming increasingly desirable. In turn, competition for flexible serviced offices in Central London is increasing fast.

The future of flexible office space

What does the future look like? All indications are that the popularity of flexible office space in London is only going to grow. In total, 73% of respondents said that their business planned to move or had already moved to new premises, up from 50% in June.

The survey also found that 70% of respondents’ employers have formalised a permanent policy around flexible working, while the remaining 30% are still unclear on their plans after this year. 

Flexibility has never been more important for businesses – and choosing the right office will pay dividends in the future. A recent survey of 20,000 employees carried out by CBRE notes that approximately 40% of people have flexibility as their number one factor when looking at new job opportunities.

This shift towards flexible working is permanent and choosing flexible office space benefits everyone involved. Happy employees are the heart of any successful business, and if you can downsize to a smaller office then you can cut your costs at the same time as meeting the needs of your staff.

Modern flexible offices prioritise a sense of freedom that traditional offices lack, and provide a positive, healthy atmosphere where your business can thrive. These versatile, bright, high-tech spaces are so much more than just hot desks – they are places where the boundaries between work and life are less rigid, making work more rewarding and the office somewhere people really want to be. 

Charlie Cudworth, Managing Director at FigFlex, says: “In an environment where business owners are looking to find every edge available, they shouldn’t overlook the huge impact that choosing a premium flexible office can give.

“With more than a quarter of companies in London downsizing and choosing flexible modern office spaces that can make your business stronger and more versatile, there has never been a better time to make a move.

“It’s no surprise that these offices are more popular than ever as they offer unexpected advantages to savvy companies looking to maximise their potential.”

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