Bravura Digital Marketing Ltd was founded in May 2022 with the simple aim of helping businesses grow their sales opportunities. Joining FigFlex Gloucester the same month, It’s safe to say the company has gone from strength to strength. We sat down with Luke Doyle, Founder & CEO to find out more about his flourishing business, including how the support from the team at FigFlex Gloucester has helped them grow.

Bravura focus on guiding their clients from their marketing strategy and implementation, through to lead generation, customer acquisition and beyond. After on boarding a number of clients in the early days of the business, Luke was first introduced to FigFlex Gloucester when attending one of our co-working spaces on a day pass. Since then, as they say, the rest was history as the connections he’s made have propelled Bravura into new territory.

Luke reflects: “After working at FigFlex, I met one of our clients and this has turned into a recent success story, as we helped them win their first contract with a FTSE 100 company. I’ve received many leads since working here and in a short space of time, onboarded two new clients who work at FigFlex too, something I didn’t expect at all.”

Aside from the networking connections Luke and Bravura have been able to make, it’s also the friendly nature, location and vast space that has made FigFlex a real winner for their business. Luke said: “(Centre Manager) Mandy is incredibly encouraging and supportive of all the businesses who join FigFlex, and the team are wonderful. It is a friendly and approachable place to work, and the location is ideal for us, being at the Gloucester Docks the views are beautiful. We’ve been able to make great use of the large co-working space and break-out areas for our day-to-day work too.”

Looking ahead, Bravura has no plans on slowing down any time soon! Luke spoke about his plans for the next two years and said: “With the value we are adding to existing clients, I want to grow Bravura Digital Marketing into becoming a leading marketing company within the local area. We can ensure our clients have the right processes and procedures in place to navigate through difficult times successfully.”