Managed office spaces like those provided by FigFlex are ideal for large companies of all shapes and sizes. Commercial office rentals provide huge value to businesses and offer a unique opportunity in a time when the world of work is changing rapidly.

Many of the biggest businesses in the world have recognised this and moved large parts of their workforce into flexible, managed offices. Microsoft, Facebook, Jaguar Land Rover, HSBC, JP Morgan, IBM and UBS are just some of the examples available, demonstrating clearly that this kind of office is not just for small companies – it is also a great choice for professional services and multi-national corporations.

Read on to discover why more large businesses than ever before are choosing flexible, serviced spaces over a traditional office rental.

Respond to changes in the business

By far the biggest advantage of choosing a managed space is that it allows your business to be agile and respond to changes in a way that traditional office rentals simply can’t.

For example, if you rapidly increase or decrease your headcount, a managed flexible office allows you to flex your space almost instantly so that you are only paying for the space you need. Compare and contrast that with a traditional office rental where you take a whole floor and are stuck with it for the long term.

This can be especially useful if you intend to build your presence in a new location but aren’t yet sure how high demand will be. Choosing a flexible, managed office will allow you to have a professional base which grows with you as you add more staff and see your new branch thrive. 

Branded space

It is a common misconception that choosing a flexible office space means that you won’t be able to personalise it. In fact, the opposite is true, and when you choose FigFlex we offer a full supporting service to make sure that your space is branded just how you want it.

Brand awareness is key for large companies and the office can play a big role in projecting professionalism, competence and character – all through the power of branding. Flexible office space offers the best of both worlds, providing all the amenities, facilities and other benefits of choosing a managed space, but also allowing you to stamp your mark on it as you would with a traditional office.

Clients and employees won’t be able to distinguish the difference between your flexible, managed space and a traditional leased office – but you will still be able to enjoy the many other benefits.

All-in-one package

A flexible, managed space will give your company everything in one package. No matter how big you grow or how much space you eventually take in a FigFlex office, you will get charged one price including all bills and extras – reducing your admin and accounting massively.

Those aforementioned amenities also come as part of the package. This includes those which aid your work like meeting rooms with state-of-the-art communications equipment, to those which will help provide a balanced working environment such as cafes, gardens, gyms, lounges and breakout areas.

The idea that a flexible, managed office lease is only suitable for smaller firms, start-ups and one-man-bands is not the case. In the modern world of work, businesses are changing faster than ever and that applies to all companies great and small.

Choosing an office provider like FigFlex for your commercial rental provides huge value to your company and gives you the flexibility you need to thrive. Want to learn more about our available offices? Click here today to find your next large office space to rent.