It has now been more than three years since the first Covid-19 lockdown and many aspects of life have changed drastically over that period. One of the most impactful is how we work from day to day.

Before the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded that just 12% of the country worked from home regularly – a figure which rose to 50% during lockdown.

Now, with the lockdowns in the past and the world still returning to normality, it is a good time to review and see where we are. The latest figures show that what we consider to be “normal” has changed, and the reality of today and the future is something a lot closer to a hybrid system.

To take London as an example, the ONS reports that the number of people in the capital working solely from home has increased to 19% in the last three years. That is just under one in five people and is a significant number.

When we look at the hybrid working figures, we can see even more notable changes. Now, 40% of all Londoners work in a hybrid fashion, commuting into the city on some days and working from home on others.

That means that approximately 60% of Londoners have left the full time commute behind, and this has significant consequences for office life. Commenting on the figures, Richard Burge from the London Chamber of Commerce said that London is “becoming a very three-day-a-week city.”

If businesses want to keep up in the capital, secure the best staff and achieve their maximum potential, they are going to have to think long and hard about how they operate. Choosing the right office space will be key to that and must provide something that people cannot get at home.

If they don’t, then they won’t be able to persuade people to commute in even three days a week, and business will suffer.

Connor Shiels, Head of Operations at FigFlex, says: “The office is still vital for many businesses, but the way we use them has changed forever. Commuting into a city centre five days a week is no longer the standard, and work practices are changing wherever this used to be a necessity.

“The sheer number of hybrid workers in London show that flexibility is now the key for any agile, innovative businesses. Versatile office spaces with great transport links which emphasise community, collaboration and convenience are the future.”

Popular areas of London like Bank, one of the most easily reached areas of London, are ideal for hybrid offices. FigFlex London is right next to the station and could not be more convenient.

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