10 October 2022

Taking Care of Number One: World Mental Health Day

Mental health is an increasingly important issue, and not just in the workplace. Statistics show that one in four of us will be impacted by a mental health issue at some point in our lives. Companies are making a big noise about workplace wellness, but it’s important that we don’t just take care of our mental health from 9-5.

With all the support that’s on offer at work, what can we do to help our mental health further?

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Talk and unload

It can be tough to talk about feelings, worries and personal issues at work from fear of being judged. No matter who it may be at your work, a supervisor, or your desk neighbour, try and share what you’ve been battling up to the point in which you feel comfortable. Whether you’re in a leadership position or new to the company, finding a caring ear can help offload some of the issues you may be facing, and sometimes could offer solutions.

If you feel you are unable to speak to someone directly at work, many employers offer helplines or external wellbeing services to further assist in your health wellbeing.

Outside of work, talk to the people you trust. Try to make an effort with those closest to you and spend time with those you care about. Talking through the pressures you may be facing can help provide a fresh perspective, especially if it’s a work-related issue. If you’re not a talkative person, take baby steps to ease you in. There’s no pressure, but it’s great to know that there are ways to get out of your mind and back into your life.

Get Moving

We know the struggles working full time, looking after your family, and trying to look after yourself pose on your activity levels – sometimes we just genuinely don’t have the time.  Priorities change as our circumstances change so it’s understandable why some people don’t class their own physical activity as a first concern.

But this is where we can get creative and really find ourselves again. Even when your job is office based, there are several ways you can keep up your activity levels.

  • Take regular intervals to take a stroll around the office
  • Host standing meetings with coworkers
  • Instead of emailing or calling your coworker, physically get up and speak to them
  • Ban yourself from eating at your desk, go outside!
  • Incorporate walking or cycling as part of your going home routine if possible
  • Take the stairs, avoid the lift!

Taking breathers while staying active is an ideal way to put any stress and anxieties of the day into perspective.

Take the time you need for yourself

If you need five minutes to pop outside for some fresh air or feel to take some time off to work on your mental health then make that time for yourself. Listen to your mind and body and figure out what you need to look after yourself. Even a change of scenery from your day-to-day routine can work wonders for both your professional performance and your mental health.

Disconnecting from work is also a vital part of the process. When you physically clock out, be sure to mentally clock out once you’re at home too. We understand that sometimes this is impossible, especially if you’re a sole trader, yet switching it up and making sure that clocking out at home the norm and not the latter can make all the difference. 

Self pamper days can give you something to look forward to while you're working, too. Simple pleasures in life like soaking in a soothing bubble bath, watching your favourite series with a refreshing facemask on or listening to a mindful podcast are effective ways to show yourself some love.  It's all about you! 

Do things you enjoy!

Having something to motivate and inspire us that we can do in our down-time is a great way to safeguard your mental wellbeing. Whether your passion is in reading, hiking or watching documentaries, reconnecting with ourselves and what we enjoy is crucial to our life.

We all need days to relax, do nothing and just be, and if that’s your escape from the everyday routine, then that’s ok too! Try and plan activities, holidays and events that you can look forward to in advance to keep you looking ahead and book the time off work. Having something to look forward to can have a positive effect on your motivation levels at work and at home. 

Taking care of your mental health begins and ends with you. It’s easy to let work take over your mind and sometimes dictate how you feel. Taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy headspace and building up good habits helps you take back control over your overall health.

Make a promise to yourself to start implementing these healthy habits and achieve positive wellbeing both at home and at work.

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