19 March 2021

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It’s easy to appreciate the advantages of having a virtual office, be it gaining a local presence in fresh territory or improving your company’s image with a professional business address.

Different companies incorporate virtual offices to enjoy different benefits, but who are these ‘different companies’ precisely?

Here, we’re lifting the lid on virtual offices and having a metaphorical nosey-around to finally clear up the question of who exactly ‘occupies’ these cyberspace workplaces.

Home-based businesses, freelancers and consultants

There’s no shame in being a home-based business - some of the world’s most beloved brands have similarly humble beginnings – but there are many reasons why someone operating out of their spare room could benefit from a virtual office.

A residential business would receive a hefty dose of legitimacy and a layer of professionalism, thanks to gaining a business address at one of our FigFlex centres and our call answering service.

With a business address in place, business owners running their company from home will appreciate having a separate avenue for company enquiries and post, as well as the extra privacy from not having their home address online.

Start-up businesses

Young compact companies call upon FigFlex’s virtual offices for similar reasons laid out in the previous section. Start-up businesses are typically fuelled by lofty aspirations and in most cases, it’s only a matter of time until they’re using physical offices rather the virtual counterpart.

However, for the time being, these forward-looking outfits enjoy that same aforementioned legitimacy and respectability.

Expanding businesses

Moving into a new office isn’t something many businesses take lightly. There are many factors to consider before leaping into fresh territory and virtual offices offer businesses the chance to test the waters in a new area with minimal risk.

Essentially a try-before-you-buy option, virtual offices provide valuable insight into whether it would be worthwhile for a business to take office space in a new location. 

By being a FigFlex member with a virtual office, the groundwork is already in place for a business to unlock its own serviced office on a flexible licence agreement, so the FigFlex team can assist in a swift transition from virtual office to physical.

Businesses that need an always-on call answering service

For many businesses, every call counts, but not every business is in a position to hire someone to pick-up every incoming call. And that’s where virtual offices provide a solution.

With a FigFlex virtual office, a business gains a dedicated phone line with professional call answering messages and assistants who answer on your behalf. Calls can be set to be forwarded between certain hours too, minimising the prospect of any missed calls.

Businesses with space situations

When physical space is tight for a growing organisation, a virtual office is an ideal solution, helping to get staff up and running as quickly as possible.

Similarly, ongoing office renovations can keep a workforce temporarily locked out of its usual base, so a virtual office with FigFlex can serve as a stopgap central point of contact, helping to keep business running smoothly.

Setting up a virtual office couldn’t be easier – contact the FigFlex team and we’ll take it from there.

Image: Ali Mahmoudi/Unsplash

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