4 May 2021

Spacious reception area at Coventry's Friars House - white leather benches, dark flooring, white reception desk

It feels like pretty much everything can be virtual these days: cards, meetings, tours, gym sessions, learning, events, reality, insanity, and indeed, even offices.

To some, the concept of a virtual office may be a strange one. How can an actual place – so centred around physical presence – be transposed into a virtual sphere? Well, FigFlex is here to explain all.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office unlocks everything that comes with a conventional bricks-and-mortar office, expect the actual building.

With a virtual office, a business can benefit from things like having a physical address and other office-related services without the overheads of a long lease or administrative staff. 

Who would want or need a virtual office?

Everybody. Virtual offices can benefit businesses of all sizes and we’re not just saying that in a bid to be everyone’s friend.

For start-ups, a virtual office with FigFlex can lend a more credible appearance, giving them a more professional looking postal address and an attractive alternative to posting their home address online.

Meanwhile, for more established, growing companies, a virtual office can give them a presence in a new town or city without the costs and effort that come with setting up another physical office.

This can help a business gauge appetite for its services in a new area, potentially leading to even more business growth.

What kind of services come with a virtual office?

Business address

Start-ups and small growing businesses unlock a more credible appearance with their virtual office’s business address. Any potential customers looking up your company will find a legitimate business address at a professional office building.

Business phone number

Similarly, your customers and clients will be able to dial a professional looking phone number to reach you, adding yet another credible layer to your business.

Mail forwarding

Any post that arrives to us at FigFlex can be forwarded to your home or kept to one side and collected at your convenience.

Call answering

With a FigFlex virtual office comes a virtual receptionist. As such, we’ll answer any incoming calls with your company name before forwarding them on to the relevant person, as if they were all based within the same building.

Work from…anywhere!

A virtual office may tie your company to a geographical location, but your workforce remains unshackled to get on with their working day from wherever in the world. The lack of a commute means improves your company’s carbon footprint and lets employees use time previously spent commuting to blast through their to-do list or exercise some self-care.

Lower running costs

Virtual offices wipe out conventional costs such as utility bills, rent and hardware, freeing up cash to be spent elsewhere in your business.

In an age where most things can be done online, the rise of the virtual office makes total sense.
For years, FigFlex has been helping businesses reap the rewards made possible by the virtual office, so talk to us today about opening the virtual door to your virtual office.

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