27 May 2021

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Every business loves to experience growth and with enough success comes the realistic prospect of an office upgrade.

Maybe you’re a successful start-up looking to set up your first serviced office, or perhaps your company already has a few locations to its name and now is the time to add one more.

Either way, some big questions need answering before you get the keys to your cool new serviced office: How much? What’s included? What are the benefits? FigFlex is best placed to answer these key queries…

What is a serviced office?

In short, a serviced office is a workspace that is ready for you move in. FigFlex will have done all the running around, so you can just rock up and step into your fancy pre-furnished office, with all the vital equipment such as internet, phone lines and printers already wired up and good to go.

What do you get with a serviced office?

Details vary between serviced office providers, but there are several mainstays that tend to be thrown in as standard.

These can include:

  • office furniture
  • fully staffed reception desk
  • kitchen
  • office cleaning
  • conference and meeting rooms
  • maintenance
  • breakout rooms
  • security
  • IT and telecoms

It doesn’t necessarily have to end there either. FigFlex can offer additional bolt-on extras such as admin support and storage facilities, as well as some more socially geared niceties like on-site catering and even networking events.

How would a serviced office benefit my business?

A growing number of businesses of all sizes are recognising the advantages of taking out a serviced office, and any company can appreciate benefits like these.

  • No set-up time: Any business moving into a FigFlex serviced office can expect all the necessary equipment to already be in place, such as desks, phones, Wi-Fi and web connectivity. That means minimum downtime on moving day; perfect for those businesses that can’t afford to miss a single incoming call.
  • Flexible growth perimeters: A company stepping into a serviced office has the option of scaling its physical size with minimal fuss, facilitating new hires and occupying more space with ease.
  • Palpable perks: A serviced office at FigFlex is much more than just desks and chairs; they come with a whole bounty of perks, such as bookable meeting rooms, a manned reception, phone answering, a fully stocked kitchen, and cleaning services.
  • Flexible leases: Running a business won’t always be smooth sailing, so the flexible lease arrangements attached to serviced offices act as peace of mind that you won’t be tied into a lengthy agreement if things don’t work out as planned.

How much does a serviced office cost?

You can have your own serviced office for less than £10 a day - with FigFlex, prices start from £7.50 per desk per day.

What you pay depends on what you want and where you want it, but at Figflex, we can set you up in the ideal office environment that works best for your business at a price that suits.

Talk to us to discover how your business can reap the rewards of a serviced office at FigFlex

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