11 August 2021

Man walking into a serviced office holding a newspaper & satchel with table and plant in background

Brushing your teeth. Getting dressed. Charging your phone. There are some things we do so often that we don’t even think about them.

But what about moving into a serviced office? As the profile of serviced offices continues to grow, the prospect of acquiring one is perhaps more likely than ever before, and you could be curious about what goes into getting onboard with a serviced office.

That’s what we’re going to clear up right now…

Step 1: Sizing up the options

Serviced offices aren’t hard to find but one company – say FigFlex for example - has piqued your attention.

Take a good look around their site and get a feel for the company overall. Are they saying the right stuff and do they seem like a trustworthy office provider that you’d be happy to deal with?

Step 2: What’s in stock?

Okay so you’re convinced FigFlex is the way to go - wise choice. From there, check out what the serviced office company can provide and where it’s located.

With FigFlex, suites come in all shapes and sizes so chances are high that we’ve got flexible office space that fits the bill near you.

Step 3: Viewing time

Next, you’ll want to book a viewing. Contact the centre directly to schedule some time to have a good nosey around. At FigFlex, we’ll show you around the entire facility, not just the potential suites.

Of course, you’ll be able to envisage who would sit where and how you’d arrange the room, but you’ll get a feel for the breakout space, the communal kitchen, and the general vibe throughout the whole FigFlex community.

Six-person desk in serviced office suite at FigFlex Swindon

Step 4: The paperwork

So you’ve seen the suite, you like the suite, and you’re ready to climb aboard and take a serviced office with FigFlex – now it’s time to sign on the dotted line.

In the serviced office sphere, you’ll be dealing with a licence, rather than a lease. A lease grants exclusive possession of a piece of land for a fixed period, while a licence secures personal permission to occupy or do something on someone else's property.

Anyway, it’s at this point that we’ll present you - the occupier - with a licence agreement. At barely four pages, it’s not nearly as much info to digest and the agreement is written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

  • Cover page: This contains top level details, like number of workstations, any initial or monthly charges, invoicing address, start and end dates, how long you’ll be taking the office for, and a minimum notice period (typically three months).
  • Page two: This lays out what you’d be paying each month based on the current agreement.
  • Page three: This lists the terms and conditions.
  • Page four: The final page isn't really a page as such; it's blank but it’s there to get any agreed requirements down in writing.

And that’s it. Newly joined FigFlex members are often able to walk straight into their new suite and start making themselves at home, but if not then it’ll most certainly be the next day. 

Step 5: Moving in

With the paperwork signed, it’s finally time to get yourself in there.

There shouldn’t be a whole lot of shifting to do and it’s uncommon for anyone to hire a van when moving into FigFlex because pretty much everything is already here.

Unless there are any individual requirements, you won’t need to cart around any bulky desks or kitchen appliances. We keep the coffee and tea pots well stocked too and you won’t need much more than your laptop and yourself. We’d understand if you want to bring your favourite mug though…

Life at FigFlex

Now the only thing left to do is get comfy and get on with running your business.

And that should be easier than before, thanks to the support of the onsite FigFlex centre managers and our inhouse business development specialist who can help you identify any suitable grants you’d qualify for.

This whole process may seem straightforward because it is straightforward. There’s no need to complicate matters and that’s our overriding approach at FigFlex, where we do what we can to help businesses thrive.

Get in touch to find out more about how life at FigFlex could benefit your business 

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