14 September 2021

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Businesses love the supreme office solutions at our FigFlex centres but they’d be nothing without the dedicated, hard-working teams on the ground, ensuring they tick over in tip-top condition.

Garrick has been part of the FigFlex Offices story since the early days, helping set up our centres and visualising the standard for serviced offices. 

Despite having his hands full running FigFlex Coventry, we managed to grab some time to chat about what he gets up to on a typical day, his passion for rugby, and how he came to settle in the UK from his South African origins.

  • The kettle’s just boiled, are you a tea or coffee man?

Neither; I avoid caffeine like the plague. Unless it’s to stay awake, I don’t drink coffee and because I hardly ever drink it, I don’t know how to make it. I’ll happily try to brew up for others but granted, it’s probably not going to be very nice. 

  • So what do you get up to at FigFlex Coventry?

I help businesses in our centre grow by taking care of the aspects that a serviced office looks after behind the scenes. You need to be a jack of all trades and make decisions that affect the business so you’ve got to have the right head for it. 

  • When did you start working at FigFlex? 

April 2017 - I was one of the first employees and joined after roles in events and hotels but I’ve been working in serviced offices since 2007. 

  • You originally hail from South Africa, how did you come to settle in the UK? 

My dad is a church minister back home and he wanted us to have a better education so I came over to do GCSEs, then stayed to do A-levels. I had planned to finish my education and return to South Africa but plans changed when I met my now-wife at Birmingham University - I blame/thank  her for staying here.

  • What do you like best about being a FigFlex Centre Manager?

No two days are the same; I know that sounds uniformed but it’s true. The impact of Covid means people are looking at office space very differently to what they were previously. You feel like you’re at the forefront of what effect those changes will have.

  • Outside of FigFlex, where is a good spot to grab some lunch?

There are a few cafes as you walk into the city centre so there’s plenty of choice but a lot of people like the Warwick Row Espresso, which is pretty close to FigFlex. 

  • And how about afterwork drinks? 

Slug and Lettuce. We went in there for our Christmas do and it’s in a fantastic location right next to Coventry Cathedral. 

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

‘Measure twice, cut once’ - I do a lot of DIY projects at home, and that was my dad’s saying. I can not tell you how often that has saved me time but more importantly, money. 

  • If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cereal; every day of the week. I don’t have a favourite but anything from cornflakes to rice krispies to shredded wheat; the beauty is the diversity. 

  • What is the number one thing on your bucket list? 

I’d love to drive across the United States and visit all the landmarks. I’d start somewhere like Boston, head down to New York and venture west, doing Vegas, San Francisco and the states in between. 

  • What is your favourite sport? 

Growing up, I was involved in all sports. It was cricket, hockey, rugby but the latter is my favourite. Naturally, I’m a big fan of the Springboks. 

  • How about movies? 

The Longest Day, starring John Wayne and Richard Burton. It’s a black and white epic from 1962 that recounts the events of D-Day from both the Allied and German perspective. WW2 has always been fascinating to me and this film encompasses everything I love about it. 

  • And what do you like to listen to? 

I tend to listen to LBC in the morning but I’ve got an app that lets me tune into South African radio - I discover a lot of bands from home that way. 

  • You’re happiest when?

The sun is out and I’m fishing or having a braai (BBQ).

  • Are you a dog or cat person?

If I could have the choice, both. Cats are great because you can leave them to their own devices and they don’t need the attention, but I love dogs because they crave attention. I love the contrasting nature of both. 

  • Summer or winter? 

Summer - every day of the week. It reminds me a lot of South Africa. 

  • Pizza or curry? 

Pizza. My favourite is Hawaiian with black olives and I’ll have pretty much any pizza that’s going really. No fish though - a slice of tuna and sweetcorn does not appeal to me in any manner at all. 

  • Mac or Windows?

Windows, that’s just because it’s what I’ve grown up using and what I’m used to.

  • Zoom call or face-to-face? 

Face to face always. You’re able to read more of the person in terms of body language and the way they’re expressing themselves, rather than just seeing their head.

  • When you were growing up, you wanted to be…

To play for the Springboks but failing that, to be in the police force.

  • If money was no object, how would you spend the cash?

I’ve always said that if I won Euromillions, I’d set aside a specific amount to share among my family. After that, I’d pay for the house, pay off the car, then travel the world.

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