23 September 2021

FigFlex Swindon’s Sharon Lewis and Damon High of High Speed Rail Solutions with new defibrillator

The generosity and consideration of one FigFlex Offices client could make all the difference after a defibrillator was donated to our Swindon centre.

High Speed Rail Solutions has kindly covered the cost of installing the lifesaving equipment in the communal breakout area of our 3 Newbridge Square centre, where it occupies a seven-desk serviced office

Typically, defibrillators require a trained professional to use effectively. However, the top-of-the-range unit at FigFlex Swindon is fitted with an audio speaker that talks the user through the relevant steps, meaning it can be used by anyone.

Timely use of a defibrillator can increase survival rates by up to 70% and the reaction amongst other FigFlex clients has been universally positive, explained Sharon Lewis, Centre Manager of FigFlex Offices Swindon. 

“I hope we never have to use it, but everybody has said what a fantastic idea it is and how reassuring it is to know that we’ve got one on site,” she commented.

“We’ve all been made aware by the media about the importance of having one handy to save somebody’s life. There’s no age limit for who can benefit from a defibrillator; teenagers are needing them, you don’t have to be 80.”

Euros incident 

That latter point was made all too apparent during Euro 2020, when Christian Eriksen collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest in the 40th minute of Denmark’s clash with Finland.

Fortunately, the 29-year-old midfield star - who had contributed to Inter Milan’s Serie A first league title in ten years just weeks earlier - survived and made a rapid return to health.

However, the incident served to underline two key facts:

  • That anyone - even athletes at the top of their game - can need a defibrillator,
  • and the importance of having one nearby, publicly accessible and functional.

Damon High, Director of High Speed Rail Solutions, confirmed that Eriksen’s ordeal was a direct influence and a catalyst for donating a defibrillator to FigFlex. 

He commented: “We wanted to do our bit and provide access to a defibrillator to those who we share office space with. 

“It’s not often you buy something that you hope to never use, but hopefully, it will provide some added peace of mind to our neighbours should action need to be taken to save someone’s life.” 

Caring and thoughtful

Looking out for others feels like second nature when you know what High Speed Rail Solutions actually does: offer specialist services to ensure that railways remain safe, trains keep moving and compliance with legal regulations are demonstrated.

High Speed Rail Solutions works to safely integrate large and complex railway infrastructure projects, focusing its efforts on eliminating the risks created by engineering changes to functioning railway infrastructure.

Sharon confirmed the company’s caring quality, saying: “Damon is such a thoughtful person. He’s one of the kindest men I’ve met, always thinking of others and wants to do everything for his staff.

“Damon joined FigFlex Swindon just over a year ago as a one-man band and he’s quickly grown his business to a seven-strong team. His business is thriving at FigFlex and he’s already enquired about taking a larger office some time in the future.”

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