26 August 2021

Two yellow chairs in a serviced office at FigFlex Gloucester

Running a business can be expensive and at times, it can feel like there’s always another expense to bolt on to the already lengthy list of operating costs.

The cost of occupying an office is one item sure to feature on the list of many companies’ monthly outgoings and it’s not exactly insignificant.

Thankfully, there are options that bear a lighter burden on company finances and opting for a serviced office is a tried-and-tested way of stopping office costs from spiralling out of control.

What are you paying for with a serviced office?

When a business ventures down the traditional route and leases a managed office, they’re tasked with fitting out and effectively running that space.

So they’re responsible for acquiring everything that goes into transforming that office a fit place to work, including desks, chairs, carpets, lights, wall art, phones, internet connection, utilities, everything except the kitchen sink really. In some cases, there might not even be a ceiling in place.

Thankfully, with a serviced office from FigFlex, a lot of the running around is taken care of and the office will be raring to go from day one of the agreement.

All the desks and chairs will already be in place, the phones and WiFi will be wired up and ready to use, and the communal kitchen will be fully stocked. To be honest, it’s easier to list what we can’t provide because the only thing missing is you and your laptop.

With a managed office, there’s the misconception that a business has greater control because they can shop around for certain essentials. But a serviced office provider like FigFlex can do it cheaper by having the luxury of buying in bulk and benefitting from long-established supplier relations.

Six-person office suite at 3 Newbridge Square in Swindon

What’s included with a serviced office?

We can’t speak for all serviced office providers, but with FigFlex, we can guarantee a vast list of essentials and nice-to-haves will come bundled in with your monthly invoice.

Things like a communal kitchen kitted out with refreshments, spacious breakout areas, heating, water, electricity, and if something breaks down, our maintenance team will get it back up and running again.

We’ll literally take out the bins at the end of the day, and keep a watchful eye on your office with 24-hour security.

You can come and go as you please with around-the-clock access, and you’ll have the chance to network and create new business opportunities within the FigFlex community.

Forget about shifting furniture too, let us sort out all the desks and swivel chairs, and if you want to move on, all we ask is one month’s notice.

The monthly price

So let’s talk numbers, how much does it cost?

Well, the price for a serviced office per desk per month (pdpm) varies across our FigFlex locations. For a rough price at FigFlex, this is what you can expect to pay:

£pdpmFrom £300From £225From £250From £300

Working out how much space you need can be a little like feeling in the dark but at FigFlex, we tend to go by a guide that 50-60 sq ft equates to one workstation. However, because every office suite is unique, we would encourage you to come and take a look. 

Get in touch with FigFlex to discover how we can deliver what you need from your serviced office.

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