26 March 2021

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Technology’s unrelenting march of progress means that most things can be achieved with the click of a button. 

Need a new car? Vrrrm, done. Wanna book a holiday? Boarding now. Order a pizza? Mamma mia, it’s here already! 

You already know how technology has impacted the modern office environment, but there’s a bigger question on your mind right now: what is a virtual office and how can it help my business?

In short, a virtual office in the UK delivers many of the advantages associated with a physical bricks-and-mortar office, but at a much more affordable price point suited to growing businesses. Packages differ between providers but with FigFlex, this is how a virtual office can give your business the edge: 

Cut out the commute

Having a virtual office means you can work from absolutely anywhere, so time previously spent getting ready and travelling into the office can be used for working. As such, productivity can expect a welcome boost. Skipping the commute also decreases carbon dioxide emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Lower overheads

Costs are significantly lower with a virtual office. With no monthly lease, utility payments or hardware expenses to worry about, you won’t be paying to rent, power, heat, or kit-out an office. This naturally frees up money, potentially leading to healthier profits.

Expanding is easy

With a virtual office, certain restrictions on hiring are irrelevant. You don’t have to worry about where new employees will sit or what equipment they’ll use. Aside from the cheaper onboarding, businesses can use a virtual office address to test the waters in a new location without the long-term commitments associated with physically establishing a presence in that area. If things take off, then FigFlex can oversee your seamless, hassle-free transition into a serviced office.

More credible appearance

There’s nothing wrong with running a business out of your spare room – hey, Apple and Amazon started out in garages - but any potential new customers or clients are unlikely to be impressed when they look you up on Google Maps.

Adopting a virtual office means your business gains a professional looking address for incoming mail. At FigFlex, we’ll forward any mail onto your nominated address, or simply keep hold of it until you collect it in person.

Freelancers and small businesses can avoid looking phoney with our call answering service, which adds another layer of professionalism and convenience.

With a FigFlex virtual office, our trained staff will answer phone calls in your company name and transfer them to your selected number, or take a message if preferred; it’s just like having your own front desk receptionist. Outside business hours, we have a voicemail and call answering function in place, ensuring any important incoming calls aren’t left wanting.

Break from the norm with hot desking

Has the homeworking lifestyle grown tired? Need to knuckle down and hammer out a project ahead of that fast-approaching deadline?

With a FigFlex virtual office, you have the option of hot desking, serving as a place to focus and breaking up the monotony of working from home. You’ll need little else apart from your laptop and charger, with refreshments included in a sleek environment geared towards maximising productivity.

Now you’re convinced of the benefits of a UK virtual office, contact your nearest FigFlex centre to arrange a package that works for your business.

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