14 May 2021

Man and woman sat at desk with laptops - Slogan: WFH is so 2020! Cowork at FigFlex

Being a freelancer can be a lonely way to work. Despite being able to revel in the freedoms that would most likely trigger disapproving glances within an office setting, there’s a lot to be said for breaking out of your cosy cocoon and being productive in a more sociable setting populated with relatable professionals.

That’s where coworking shows its worth. You’re still the strong independent freelancer as before but getting stuff done in a flexible office – like FigFlex - can bring about a whole bunch of benefits. Here are just five…

Coworking is full of networking potential

Chances are that you won’t be the only person in your coworking space and the other people occupying the surrounding workspaces potentially embody your next big freelance project.

Granted you’re there to make progress on your current assignments, your time in a coworking space is a fantastic opportunity to spark new connections and form potentially fruitful relationships with professionals you wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

So next time you take a breather from your work, scan the room and strike up a conversation – it could uncover some promising networking opportunities.

Lose the loneliness

‘Feeling lonely at work’ ranked as the number one worst aspect of freelancing in a survey published in June 2020, with almost two-thirds (64%) saying their job made them feel lonely on daily basis, often resulting in work-induced stress and depression.

Relocating to a new work spot, such as a coworking space filled with other like-minded freelancers, can go a long way to alleviating loneliness.

Coworking is cheaper

‘Coworking ain’t free, so how does this one work?’. That’s a valid question. However, by coworking, you’ll be cutting out various at-home costs that are easy to overlook, such as heating, electricity, water, and other small everyday essentials that can add up like coffee, hand soap, toilet roll, stationery – the list goes on.

As long as you aren’t splashing out on lavish lunches or driving 100 miles to park your car on a bloodthirsty roadside meter, you stand to be quids-in at a coworking spot.

Additionally, each FigFlex location features secure bike racks so if cycling is an option, your financial savings will be complemented by an endomorphin boost ahead of your work day.

Pump up the productivity

On the whole, freelancers tend to base themselves at home, which contains all of their creature comforts and time-wasting temptations, as well as increasing the chance of stagnation. Staying in the same place for work, rest and play inevitably creates a productivity issue in certain cases.

Calling back to that survey from earlier, more than half (54%) of freelancers said their productivity suffered due to their choice of work. That’s compared to just a third (33%) of office-based workers struggling to maintain momentum throughout the day.

Solid evidence if ever you needed it that relocating to a coworking space can inject a hearty boost to your productivity.

On the clock

Switching off outside of work is another major issue for freelancers but again, one that coworking at FigFlex can solve.

Six in ten freelancers say that their quality of sleep is directly affected by work, compared to just four in ten office workers, whilst self-employed people are more likely to read and reply to emails during their holidays with only 15% of freelancers avoiding work altogether whilst away on holiday. Additionally, freelancers feel they work too many hours.

Having a dedicated spot to work like a coworking space or serviced office helps instil a solid segregation, making it less likely that work invades your downtime.

Talk to us and find out how FigFlex can help freelancers can reap the rewards of coworking

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