14 September 2022

Client Spotlight: Kevin & Mark, Lipscore UK

Since FigFlex Peterborough opened its doors in early May 2022, we’ve seen an influx in small and growing business beginning to flourish in our most scenic centre.

One company has made their leap into the UK Market and FigFlex Peterborough was proudly chosen as their headquarters. Lipscore Reviews and Ratings is a cutting-edge platform designed for gathering reviews and ratings. Helping companies become more profitable by providing access to important customer insight, product insight and purchasing power. The company started their journey in Norway and expanded through Northern Europe and has now blessed the UK market with their services.

Well, we decided it was time to learn a little bit more about Lipscore UK CEO Kevin Bull & Sales Director Mark Smith. So, in true FigFlex fashion, we cornered them and demanded a testimonial!

Mark & Kevin at FigFlex, Peterborough

Only joking, they were more than happy to give us some of their precious time, we swear!

Kevin Bull and Mark Smith take up private office space at FigFlex Peterborough which is based at Lynch Wood Park. The FigFlex centre surrounded by natural beauty caught the eye of the review pro’s and made a big change from their previous office space inside a ‘concrete jungle’. They were looking for something easy, cost-efficient yet still professional to nurture their business in the UK market – and FigFlex was the perfect match.

1. Can you tell us what a typical day at Lipscore consists of?

With online reviews for online stores being such a big market, nearly all of our time is spent on calls with new and existing clients on the phone or hosting calls on Teams, demo’ing what it is that Lipscore does and can do for their website and online sales/customer experience. That and taking the occasional break to have a pep talk with centre manager Paul and Maya 😉

2. What attracted you to FigFlex?

Being a start-up company, cash is king, so it’s a big plus when you can cut costs through your serviced office provider. Moving into FigFlex was so simple, it was available to move into as soon as we were ready, with all the things we needed in place. Most businesses starting up forget that chairs, desks, printers, wifi comes at a cost, so being able to get started on day one without having to worry about that was a huge plus for us.

3. How do you find work life at our most beautiful FigFlex centre?

Lynch Wood Park is an incredible space, you are spoilt for choice with the scenery and surroundings, and you can get lost in your work. It’s a godsend to have the option to take a break when you need it, get some fresh air and reconnect with the outside world to refocus yourself.

4. What’s the best thing about Paul Smith, FigFlex Peterborough’s centre manager?

It’s great to have someone who’s always there ready to listen to what you’ve got to say, what you need and who’s genuinely happy to help. And Paul is always smiling so that always makes you feel at ease!

5. Do you guys manage to get over to the head office often?

We travel to our headquarters in Norway a few times a year. It’s always great to catch up with the guys over there and share how much our business is progressing.

Heading to Norway, again!

6. What would you say is the biggest added benefit of FigFlex for your business?

Well, we’ve got the option to meet with our clients in a professional and modern meeting room which is really important to us. To be honest, we’re always on the move too so also having the option to meet clients at any FigFlex centre around the UK is a huge benefit for us.

7. Do you truly feel a part of the FigFlex Family?

It’s great that we can network with other businesses in our centre which I think is one of the most important parts when building a business. We scratch your back you scratch mine type of thing. We’ve had a few interactions like this where we could add value back to other businesses offering theirs back to us. It’s a really lovely place to be when you’re a part of a business community, all on similar paths and looking to build valuable relationships.

8. What are your goals and aspirations for the next 2 years?

Mark and I have actually been ‘here’ before with a start-up that went from 3 people to 50, so we think we know the road ahead and that is to organically grow our base of customers and the team around that. Our plan is to have a few more FigFlex Offices in the not to distant future.

9. If you could have any business partner up with Lipscore, what or who would it be?

Funny you should say this as its been something me and Mark talk a lot about. Before we started Lipscore, we set our sights on having one Flagship customer and for us that was Gymshark. A global player, with a huge presence that sell lots online. A perfect fit for us. What’s funny/cool is that their Global Chief Brand Officer, Noel Mack, called my mobile last week to discuss our platform, which even now blows my mind. Fingers crossed we can say we landed our dream client. Whilst Gymshark is a dream client, any company selling products or services online is a dream client for us.   

10. Any advice to new business looking at a FigFlex centre to grow their business?

Everyone needs help when their starting and growing a business. We’ve found FigFlex to be the ideal place for our business - we can network, meet with clients, maintain our professional standards, all within an easy-going, cost-efficient and friendly environment.

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