20 September 2021

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We spend a lot of time in the office, so it’s important that it’s a happy place to be. 

At FigFlex, we like to think our serviced offices and coworking spaces are welcoming and enjoyable places to be, with a clean modern interior, complimentary refreshments, comfy seating, and air conditioning; all in a convenient and easily accessible location. 

It's International Week of Happiness at Work this week, so to mark this delightful event, we’re reeling off some helpful ways to make your workforce feel more content and joyful in the office.

Start the day right

“Morning.” “Bonjour.” “Hello everybody!” Regardless of how you greet your team in the morning, never underestimate the power of starting the day with a polite acknowledgement. 

It may seem basic but a well-meaning morning greeting goes a long way in creating a cheerful office atmosphere.

Go one further by checking in to see how their weekend played out or if they need any help or guidance with their workload - your team is more likely to feel ‘seen’ and appreciated, boosting happiness in the process.

Welcome packs

Sticking with the idea of starting on the right foot, make any new recruits feel extra welcome by piecing together a little starter pack. We’re not talking about something as lavish as a boxfresh MacBook, a collection of promotional materials can be enough. 

Things like pens, notebooks, some sweets, maybe a portable phone charger, a mug or refillable water bottle to take advantage of the complimentary refreshments at FigFlex. These don’t have to be expensive and will come in handy as your new team member settles in. 

Break away from the desk

Being sat in the same spot all day increases the chances of your team feeling stagnated, so seize the opportunity to change things up where possible by holding your weekly catch-ups in one of FigFlex’s meeting rooms or the breakout area. 

Shared breakout area at FigFlex Gloucester - two yellow chairs in sunlight outside seating booths

Team-building events

The occasional team building event is an opportunity for employees to laugh together and solve problems collaboratively. 

In an ideal world, your employees form part of a well-oiled productivity machine and team-building exercises like escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and cocktail-making sessions are fantastic ways to strengthen team spirit and pump up the happy. 

On a less lavish scale, simply collaborating more can reap similar results. Encouraging your workforce to share ideas and constructive feedback is a reliable route to nurturing creativity and boosting self-worth. 

Dish out the praise

Everyone likes being appreciated so let staff know when they’ve done a good job. You know your team so use your initiative and take the most suitable approach when recognising a job well done. 

A company-wide shout-out isn’t always the wisest tactic and runs the risk of creating embarrassment for certain staff, so consider delivering the well-earned praise privately or over email.

Celebrate a workiversary

Loyalty can’t be bought, so mark specific milestones like a work anniversary with a thoughtful yet appropriate announcement, be it a shout-out on social media or an internal company email. You could double up the workiversary with a surprise gift; again, it doesn’t have to be lavish - a low-fuss token of appreciation can make all the difference.

Perks over pay rises

A healthier bank balance every month will make any employee happier, but it is possible to pep up your staff in other ways, such as food and gift cards, subsidised gym membership, pension schemes, maybe giving staff their birthday off. At FigFlex, we can arrange a lunchtime platter to be brought in, so you can treat your staff to lunch without the fuss.

Dial back the micromanaging

If someone trusted an employee enough to offer them a job, naturally they should trust them enough to get on with it without feeling like they’re constantly being monitored.

It shouldn’t be news that micromanaging is bad and a surefire way to deflate staff. A survey published by PA Times found that more than two-thirds (69%) of workers considered changing jobs due to micromanagement, while 36% followed through with their desire to ‘jump ship’. Around four in five felt that being micromanaged interfered with their job performance and negatively impacted morale.

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