26 November 2021

6 Signs It’s Time to Get Your First Serviced Office

Congrats, the early days of your business have been a hit. Your young company has built a solid foundation with a steady stream of revenue, and it makes a nice change that customers and clients are seeking you out, rather than the other way around. 

Despite this encouraging level of success, your humble HQ remains unchanged since day one, but there’s no shame in that: some of the world’s most famous brands started out in a garage. 

However, these modest surroundings are now creating more problems than they solve, and you’re thinking it’s time to relocate to a proper office. Here are six tell-tale signs you need to do just that…

You need more space

What used to be confined to the garage or spare bedroom is now flooding out into your hallway, steadily invading your home. 

The amount of space available to store the essentials is increasingly tight and more time is spent worrying about where you’re going to put stuff rather than actually using it. 

Getting an office is an immediate solution to this symptom of success. Seemingly overnight, your business has the luxury of accessibly organising all the relevant equipment and materials you need to operate comfortably and effectively. 

How FigFlex can help:
Our office suites come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re a one-man band or a thriving growing team, we’ve got space to suit you and your business. 

You need a more legitimate image 

Setting up in a professional office is a surefire way to embellish your business’ trustworthy image, and your business gains newfound validity from operating out of a permanent base with a branded office. 

Visitors will be left with no doubt that you’re the real deal, while employees will appreciate FigFlex’s stylish, contemporary interior. 

You need to hire more people

In the early days, running a business from home was manageable. But as your business grows, not many candidates will relish the prospect of working from your shed at the bottom of the garden. 

A quick and convenient way to remedy this is to get an office with FigFlex. You’ll attract a stronger calibre of talent, convinced that the company is headed in the right direction, whilst your existing workforce enjoys a confidence and performance boost.

How FigFlex can help:
If you outgrow your office, we can get you swiftly set up in a larger suite. By coming on board at FigFlex, your business effectively increases its head count with our centre management team acting as a meet and greet/reception service.

You’re generating enough revenue to justify an office

Very few companies can jump straight into an office on day one and a major part of that is down to money; it isn’t wise to be paying for an office when you’ve no money coming in. 

But after those initial clients get some cash coming in, you’re on the way to obtaining the space and staff you need to expand your business. 

Work from home doesn’t work for everyone

Working from home was a necessity during the pandemic but Britain’s stint of homeworking has outlined why it isn’t for everyone.

It’s important to separate home and work life and your compact home-based workforce is likely to feel the strain, being isolated from their colleagues and confined to their homes. By being productive from FigFlex, your workforce will likely feel inspired in an environment populated by like-minded businesses with the option of various workspaces like our breakout area, meeting rooms and coworking hub. 

You’re scheduling too many meetings off-site 

When starting out, your first batch of clients will understand why meetings are held in cafes and sandwich shops. It’s possible you’ll see more of the coffee barista than your own family. But as the customer base grows, off-site meetings become inconvenient, interrupting your workday and forcing you away from the desk. 

Having your own office with the option to host clients is a great way to boost not just customer relations but also your own productivity. 

How FigFlex can help:
When you get a serviced office with FigFlex, you gain access to a range of bookable meeting rooms and breakout space. 

Get in touch with FigFlex to discover how we can deliver what you need from your serviced office.

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