29 March 2022

5 Undeniably Awesome Qualities of a Centre Manager

Being a Centre Manager is a unique, demanding and diverse roll. It takes a great variety of skills wielded by an incredible individual to really take the role to the next level.

As you may have heard, in order for your company to become top of their game, you need a great culture of engagement alongside an inspiring environment. This is where a Centre Manager becomes imperative to not only your work environment, but to the growth of your business.

So what does it take to become a game changer in this impressive, influential role? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to study our Centre Manager’s at FigFlex Offices and identify which five out of their many qualities are imperative to all round success.

Unrivalled Flexibility

Yes, this is a term you may be very familiar with here at FigFlex, but flexibility is arguably the most important trait to have as a successful Centre Manager. When we asked our Centre Managers what their ‘typical day’ in the office consists of, it was more ‘atypical’ than you’d think.

Various duties and situations arise daily from co-ordinating the arrival of a new client to aiding with interior design of a new office space, their ‘to-do’ list needs a flexible individual that can roll with the punches.

Top notch organisation

You already knew this, right?

Of course, we all know being organised is essential in any managerial role but being well organised is absolutely one of the biggest factors when it comes to the success of a Centre Manager. Due to the varied nature of the role, it can be easy to lose track of tasks in hand.

Centre Managers could have a million different things going and still make sure everything gets handled. Room for error is slim so these super-humans ensure their organisation skills are top tier to avoid any mishaps and continue to prosper.

On a side note: caring enough to see the task is done on time and done well is a trait our FigFlex Centre Managers carry with pride.

Attentive, Available & Accessible

The relationship between a client and Centre Manager is the single most important connection for comprehensive success. As a Centre Manager, your clients should feel comfortable approaching you for any sort of matter or concern. Personalising the experience shows the individual just how valued and important they are.

Our centre managers at FigFlex know that their availability as a manager is a top priority.  Ensuring needs are met in all areas of a clients workplace life takes dedication and a real, authentic commitment to their role.

Unwavering communication

Communication is always key, but effective communication? That stuff takes skill. When you’re the person in charge of implementing company policies, it takes a great deal of patience and finesse to get your point across in the most professional manner.

As mentioned above, the client/Centre Manager relationship is essential for success, therefore it’s important to have the ability to get information across clearly. The ability to carefully communicate the reasoning behind certain information, anticipate questions and be ready to answer them all while being sensitive to the needs of the client is an invaluable quality.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”

Energy, Energy, Energy

The Centre Manager is usually the first person anyone who enters building sees. Their demeanour helps form those critical first impressions and represent who we are.

Most Centre Managers will have a naturally positive attitude and a warm, welcoming quality which draws people to them. Their energy fills the workspace with optimism, hope and enthusiasm. These qualities are essential for supporting and encouraging their clients, keeping up a productive momentum for optimal results.

We can safely - and obviously unbiasedly - say that our fabulous FigFlex Centre Managers embody all aspects of positive energy which helps support clients in their day-to-day work life.

“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.”

 - Tom Peters, American Business Author

The spotlight role as a Centre Manager is by no means an easy one. It takes a strong-minded, motivated and passionate individual to thrive in the role themselves and encourage others to progress too.

So, hat’s off to our incredible centre managers at FigFlex who inspire those around them each and everyday!

It takes a lot to be a Centre Manager, but it takes even more to be a great one.

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