18 August 2022

5 Things Your Social Post Needs!

You already know that having a social media presence is essential to your brand and business. In today’s digital world, social platforms are one of the most effective ways to market your business and build brand awareness.

But it’s really not as easy as it looks, is it? Just like any marketing tool, creating a social media presence that positively impacts your business takes knowledge, organisation and essentially boils down to the big, scary c-word -  creativity.  

If you want to know our opinion of the 6 most important elements your social posts should include, then look no further!

1. A Purpose

Why are you posting this? What makes you want to share this information with your followers and the wider world? First and foremost, get a grasp on exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your post. Whether you have a topic in mind that you’d like to draw attention to or you have a new product arriving, when you know the ‘why’, you’re less likely to fall into the trap of aimless posting which gets you 0 to little return.

The bottom line, make sure your post has purpose! When social users see you’re not just posting for the sake of posting, you’re more likely to build a relationship with your followers and keep up your brand image.

2. An engaging headline & content

The fun part! Capture your audience’s attention with snappy, to the point headlines that sums up the information you’re sharing. It’s best to keep caption headlines short and sweet so you don’t lose interest at the first hurdle, but all content is different so evaluate what will get the best engagement from your audience.

Keep in mind your end goal when writing your captions. Is it to promote, educate, inspire or entertain? Proven headlines for maximum interaction involve asking a question, promising a benefit, triggering curiosity or emotion and creating urgency. Write your content in line with your content pillar and purpose and you’ll never miss – and don’t forget those #extra #important #hashtags!

Key Tip: Tailor your content to suit each social platform. Do some research on the most popular social media networks and what works best on each.

3. A prominent brand voice

Your brand is your money maker. You have an opportunity to showcase to the world exactly who you are, your values and your personality through your brand voice. Having a defined brand voice helps you stand out amongst a crowded platform, promotes authenticity, and gives your audience an insight into the company. Don’t shy away, let your presence be known!

The way you communicate to your audience needs to be cohesive and consistent so you can create strong connections and build a foundation of trust with your followers. You want people to recognise you and associate your brand with the values you portray through your voice, therefore it’s important to remain prominent and consistent across every platform.

If you want to know more on the importance of branding for your business and how to best utilise it, read our blog The Magic of Branding and How to Use it. [link]

4. Compelling visuals

Visual content is key to your social post, it’s the first point of contact with your audience. This is where you can capture your audience’s attention and draw them into reading your content.

We are visual beings, and that means were more likely to retain information when its partnered by visual elements. So, it’s a no surprise that visuals which appeal to the target audience’s interests perform much better than blocks of boring text. Images and videos which are both informative and pleasing to the eye are way more likely to receive higher engagement.

By following the 4 key content pillars mentioned above, keeping in line with your brand voice and letting your creative juices flow into your work of genius, your posts will be *chef’s kiss*.

5. Emojis!

Put your emoji fear to the side – they really do help your content! Don’t be afraid to use these happy little symbols to compliment your writing, scattering supporting emojis can turn even the most boring information into something worth reading. Not that any of your content would be boring after reading this, but for extra security, keep those handy works of art in your mind!

The most important thing to remember for each of your social posts is to stay true to yourself, your business, and your audience. True authenticity will pay off!

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